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Welcome to our 2015 website and our very special French cycling holidays

For cycling holiday enquiries click here to send to: - updated 25th/March/2015 - See our out-of-season breaks here

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Reviews of Breton Bikes Cycling Holidays in France on Tripadvisor Offering cycling holidays in France since 1989, Breton Bikes has something for everyone - experienced cyclists, beginners and all the family - from £210 per week. This is a dauntingly large (and old-fashioned!) site, but for quick answers to most questions try the cycling FAQ page and the links at the top of every page are the main Breton Bikes pages, others being embedded in the text. Also please have a look at our feedback page.
Choose from a wide range of self-led cycle camping, hotel, gite and Chambre D'Hote (B&B) based holidays - from a 10 mile-a-day wobble all on cyclepaths, to a serious 80 mile a day cycle tour around the French coast with everything inbetween and all superb value. You can spend a week 'glamping' with the family, or a week-long cycle camping tour. with top quality cycle camping equipment - bikes - including tandems, panniers, tents, sleeping bags - everything you need - we remain the only company in France (or the world!) that offers cycle camping tours.
A hotel-based tour is from 470 pounds (quick price guide here) - we use the best bikes of any company, lovely hotels and campsites and yet are the lowest cost in the business - guarenteed - go here to see why we're such good value

cycling in the sun

Our Gite Holidays (self-catering holiday cottages) are available all year round - perfect for a family cycling holiday and we even have large, traditional canvas tents for those wanting to stay put all week and cycle in the heart of Brittany with it's maze of cyclepaths and country lanes.

Beyond our French cycling holiday business this site is intended to be a free resource for anyone wanting to bike around France - see our articles page where you'll find detailed cycling routes, and feel free to E-mail for any help planning a ride in France. And now you can even see our page on facebook.Here you'll find pictures from the last 15 years!

You'll not starve on one of our cycling adventures!


Breton Bikes has been in operation for 25 years, and offers unique cycling holidays in France. Our base in Gouarec is in the middle of Brittany, the bit of France that sticks out west into the Atlantic Ocean. Kate and I, and later our children, used to spend all our holidays bicycle touring in France, and decided to offer the same sort of holiday to other cyclists. After having cycled all over France it was Brittany that captured our hearts, and so Breton Bikes was born and set up right in the heart of Brittany in a village called Gouarec.
We are still the only company offering real cycle camping holidays. We are also one of the few English speaking companies offering cycling holidays that is wholly based in France - we live in France, cycle here, even holiday in France, and love every minute of it. Since 1990 we have also offered Hotel based cycling holidays and from 2005, Gite based cycling holidays. However at all times we have remained true to our original idea of providing an experience of real cycle touring in France.
If you want to know more about Kate and I, our family and the company history have a look at 'Who we are' and 'the history of Breton Bikes'. Of course our commitment to getting as many people over here cycling (customers or not) means we're happy to give free help and our articles page is full of information and aid for budding cyclists in France with new articles added all the time

You don't need to be grown-up to have fun on a cycling holiday!

Latest Cycling Articles

The Problem with Ladies' Cycles

The biggest lake in Brittany is on our routes and is due to be drained in 2015 - come and see it!

New - a series of routes free to all based at Gouarec in central Brittany.

A basic toolkit for your cycling holiday

Cycling the French C2C using a phone app... By Steve Rock.

A DIY guide to cycling holidays in France - no excuses!

Safety and your cycling holiday in France - Hi-Viz or not?

Fancy a Holiday cycling the most famous mountain in France - The mighty Ventoux?

Cycling holiday along the Nantes-Brest canal in Brittany, France

Out of season holidays

Out of the main holiday season (Our main season is late May, June, July, August and September) we offer low season holidays at greatly reduced cost (for example just £500 for a couple all inclusive) - this includes all the school holiday periods apart from the long summer holiday so families can also benefit.

What do we offer?

We can provide a holiday to satisfy all ages and abilities, from families with children a few months old to a youthful 85 (the current record). For serious cycletourists it's very easy for us to produce a route of 80 miles a day for both hotel or camping holidays, but at the other end of the scale 10 mile a day wobbles are just as much fun in their own way.
For all our cycling holidays we supply all equipment, even for camping, most specially made for us including tandems, all you need to bring is yourselves. Have a look at what happens when you arrive to prepare yourself...
Recently old customers have told us that we should emphasise how good the bikes and tandems are, so if in doubt have a look at our page on the bikes and equipment supplied.
We must be doing something right because on average around 30% of our bookings come from people coming on their second, or even nineteenth bike tour! See what these converts have to say, see also our 'Mission Statement'...

Family Cycling Holiday in France

Family Holidays

We're good with families because we've done it all with our own children, so know exactly what is involved in taking them on a cycling holiday in rural France. So families are very welcome on our holidays and we are uniquely well equipped for them with baby-trailers, trailer bikes, child-back tandems etc. As an example, in 2014 25% of our bookings were for families cycling with small children. The other 75% were equally well catered for and of course for those escaping their own children, many of our routes will be child-free.


Our main season begins with the week of the 24th May and finishes with the week beginning on the 13th September. During that period all hotel routes and camping routes. Outside that period our Gite based (self-catering vacation cottage) holidays run all year - an option for people wanting to bike with us outside out normal season (and at a very special low season price).

Getting to us

From a situation 20 years ago where there was only the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff we now have an embarrassment of riches, including cheap flights to local airports, the Channel tunnel link, many ferries and self drive. For details see the 'getting to us in Brittany' page.


In 2013 was our 'Ventoux' led trip. Two weeks of hard (some said 'driven') cycling over difficult terrain - of course culminating in the ascent of the 1900m Ventoux. But - what a fabulous experience with a wonderful group of cyclists. The weather was kind, and the sight of our bikes - amongst the 1000 at the top - being the only ones with panniers, let-alone full cyclecamping gear made me strangely proud. I know many will think us mad, but anyone who's done the same or similar cycle tour will know and understand - an awesome ride... This year it's off to the Cevennes!

Over the years people have asked about the possibility of hiring a gite (holiday cottage) so in 2006 we bought one. After a lot of searching we've now a second! Very different places right near the quiet centre of Gouarec. Sleeping up to 10 these Gites are available all year round. The cost is from only £350 pounds to be added to the basic camping price, so especially attractive to families and small groups. If you are interested in the gites please email for details.

We've also decided that for our fixed-centre tours we're going to go all 1930's and provide canvas bell-tents - children love them;-)

A cycling holiday under real canvas!

2014 was a good season with most weeks in the summer averaging 40+ (full...). So here I'd just like to thank all the people who came and helped make it such a success, especially those on the various led cycling trips who were such marvellous company in other parts of France. I'd also like to thank the customers from far abroad - Australia, New Zealand, USA, Kenya, China, Canada, S Africa etc for their trust in sending money into the "wild blue yonder" on the strength of a web site!

Breton Bikes Charity Cycle Ride to the Pyrenees in 2003

Please have a look here for the story of this cycling adventure. Here you can read the full story of our adventures and get some idea of what our equipment is capable of when away from the gentle countryside of Brittany... You might be able to do somthing to help, and we've already had several very generous donations and the total raised now exceeds 12,000 pounds. Otherwise anyone on our holidays can request sponsorship forms for their own ride with us.

Cycling up the Tormalet - the biggest Col in the French Pyrenees!


If you would like more information on camping, hotel or gite based holidays in Brittany just click on the appropriate links, phone one of the numbers below, or E-mail us.

Our telephone no in France is ++ 33 2 96 24 86 72, and you can write to us at 14 Grande Rue, 22570 Plelauff, France.
Group Cycling in France




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