Or what can you see during your stay in this special part of France...

Brittany is without question the most varied region of France. Combine the longest coastline in France with an inland area which in the space of a few kms will go from lush farmland, to moors, lakes, forests and market towns and you feel like you have visited 5 countries instead of one area... But beyond that is the number of specific sites that a cyclist can easily reach over a week's cycletour - or if based in the centre of Brittany as with our campsite/gites in Gouarec-  there are many that are an easy day-ride away. What follows is an ever growing blog of some of our favourite places to visit...

The Narrow Gauge railway from Gouarec to Bon Repos

The Narrow Gauge Railway at Gouarec.

Who could have imagined when we started our cycling holidays in 1989 that we'd have something like this on our doorstep... At one time much of rural France and the whole of Brittany was linked by the 'petit train' or 1m narrow-gauge railway. It's hard to believe that thousands of km of track vanished, but at Gouarec a dedicated team of enthusiasts have managed to persuade the authorities to reopen the 3 km section between Bon Repos and Gouarec. See the Petit Train de Gouarec website here

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The Abbaye at Bon Repos

l'Abbaye de Bon Repos

Just a 3 km cycle down the canal towpath from us is the Abbey at Bon Repos. When we first arrived in Brittany 27 years ago this was a complete ruin with even full grown trees springing up inside. In the last 15 years a third of it has been completely restored leaving the rest 'preserved' in a state of ruin, but very much tidied up and in a stunning setting.

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The Covered Tombs at Liscuis

5000 year old 'Allee Couvert' just 5 kms from Gouarec


The most famous Megalithic monuments in France are of course the 'Alignments' at Carnac which bring tourists in from all over the world. What is less well known is that Brittany is covered with many, many smaller sites, some of them (IMO) rather more interesting than the simple rows of stones at Carnac. We are lucky enough to have one of the most interesting right on our doorstep and those are the three covered tombs on top of the Liscuis ridge overlooking the Abbey at Bon Repos. Not only are they spectacular, they are also almost completely unknown and so even in summer you may find yourself alone at this magical spot.

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