Camping Based Cycling Routes

12 wonderful cycling routes to every corner of Brittany

brittany - france mapThis page is designed to give you guidance as to what cycling route might suit you best - BUT! it is no substitute for a personal email to us, we fully expect customers to email before they book in order to discuss their needs - we are the most personal cycling holiday company in the business so take advantage of it:-)

The big advantage of cyclecamping over hotels is its flexibility. If you completely misjudge how far you can cycle then it's not a catastrophe - you can alter the route as you go, miss out stops, double up days or even go off in a completely different direction - we don't mind! If you end up going 'off-piste' like this, a quick phone call to us to check if there's a campsite in the next town, or for advice is no problem. Also if you find you really NEED a proper bed again you can phone us and we'll book you into the nearest hotel for the night - pretty much anything is possible

A Little Luxury?

Obviously for all these tours you have your own lightweight equipment, but if you are arriving fairly late or have to leave early at the end of the week, or just fancy one night a little bit different to the others, we are this year offering a very special night at the campsite in our classic 1960's Notin caravan. This option adds 60€ for the night and makes a rather special last stop;-)

Camping routes - FIXED CENTRE WEEK

canvas patrol tentFIXED CENTRE WEEK (day rides of 5-75 miles a day - very easy or more difficult - it’s up to you)

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Honey at market18 miles maximum - fairly easy, the ride from Gouarec to Priziac being 20 miles)

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Easy Rider - Camping Based Route in the Centre of Brittany

kids on nantes brest canal(moving on - average 13 miles - Max 17 miles Very, very easy. 85% cyclepath… - short-cut average nearer 8 miles a day) excellent for kids on their own bikes!

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Lakes and Forests - Camping

Pontivy castleLAKES AND FORESTS (Average mileage 14 mpd, maximum 20 miles - very quiet - easy)

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Josselin chateaux(Average mileage 18 miles, maximum 25 miles - very easy and relatively flat cyclepath to begin with, getting slightly harder but nothing too strenuous and all on quiet roads Camping based tour for those seeking a bit of history and a lot of easy riding;-)

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BINIC AND BACK camping tour

Binic harbour bridge(Average mileage 15 mpd, maximum 21 miles) - The shortest ride if you want to get to the coast - some hills but with such short days it's easy and the lovely tourist trap at Binic well worth the effort

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CARNAC OR BUST camping tour

Carnac beach(Average mileage 22 mpd, maximum 32 or 27 miles - Our most flexible route as there are several options when it comes to campsites. At it’s easiest there are very easy first few days, a little more difficult last three days, the alternatives are harder but give more time on the coast)

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"LES HORTENSIAS" camping tour

beachCamping route to the North coast of Brittany (Average mileage 23 mpd, maximum 33 miles - Moderate difficulty) 


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cycling lane(Average mileage 23 mpd, maximum 28 miles - a couple of hilly days but no great mileages) This is a really lovely ride through the unspoilt heartland of Brittany. 

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TO THE ILE DE BREHAT camping route

Camping north coast( Average mileage 23 miles, maximum 31 miles - moderate difficulty) and another beautiful island on the North coast to explore at the end of it...




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Boats in Harbour(Average mileage 25 mpd, maximum 32 miles - Starts fairly easy and gets a little more difficult - some cycling in a large town) 

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THE SMILE AND THE KISS camping route

St Nicolas bridge (Average mileage 35 miles, maximum 41 miles. More serious cycling, but not too difficult) - The smile of Brittany is the town of Quimper and it is said that its kiss is Quimperle. Both are lovely towns steeped in history, and well worth a walk around.

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cycle tourists!Always remember that a two week tour can of course be made by combining any two of the one week camping tours, the advantage being that you pick up a ‘slack’ day when you would otherwise be changing over and this is the option most choose to do.