Bikes and Equipment Supplied for your holiday

Our touring bikes - Tandems - Camping equipment list

Here at Breton Bikes we supply all the specialist equipment you need - bikes, panniers, trailers, camping gear maps, routes etc etc. You really can arrive with a carry-on bag and we supply everything else all included in the basic price. Not only that, but the standard of equipment, much of it either designed or modified by ourselves, is such that even if you are used to the best you won't be disappointed. More to the point, it is all designed specifically for the terrain and conditions you will meet in Brittany, whether that's appropriate gearing, tyres suited to cyclepaths or whatever. We are equipped for cyclists of all sizes and ages, and have a wide range of tandems, trailers and equipment for children and I can generally adapt cycles for special requirements like back-problems and the like. 

Bikes Supplied for your Cycling Holiday


Breton bikes touring bikeFor adults we use two different types of touring bike, or as an option (90€ extra per week) we can supply electrically-assisted Ebikes. For all moving-on holidays we use our own design BB Specials which are specifically designed for loaded touring. Those doing Fixed-Centre tours, either camping, hotel or gite based, are provided with rather different bikes as the requirements are different including ladies' frames, and of course we can also supply tandems. However if you have a specific preference for either type regardless of route then just ask as both sorts will 'fill-in' the other's role. To this add of course top-quality children's bikes.

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Cycle Camping and the rule of three...

How to stay 'Fragrant' on a camping trip... 

drying washingOne of the great joys of camping is the cleansing effect of leaving everything unnecessary at home, to be able to carry everything you need with you, giving a real snail-in-it's-shell independence. But to do this you need to throw away all your conditioning, the airing cupboard full of clothes is a long way away, so how do you plan?

The answer is of course the 'The Rule of Three'. As a system it's very simple and it means you carry the bare minimum and yet manage to smell reasonably acceptable when you meet people who haven't spent the week in a tent. This method is of course based on civilised camping where both showering and clothe washing facilities are available (as when camping in France), but it works pretty well for rough campers willing to dive into mountain streams...

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Equipment supplied and what to bring


Everything you need to tour

family cycling kit ready to tourWhat follows is a list of all the equipment we will supply as standard, all-in-the-price for your cycling holiday. You'll see that you need bring nothing specialist beyond your cycling clothes and that all the equipment we supply is really good quality. Though you don't need to bring any equipment yourselves we quite understand if you have a favourite sleeping bag, or camp mug - bring them by all means;-)

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Tandem touring in Brittany

Have a Real Tandem Adventure...

tandem for childrenWe are one of the few companies offering tandem holidays in France. We modify our hire tandems specially for our own use and they are perfect for either our camping, fixed-centre or hotel holidays. They are faster than solos, and allow riders of different abilities to stick together - they are also great fun:-) For those people who own a tandem but don't wish to cart it all the way to Brittany you don't need me to explain the pros and cons, but for the uninitiated please see our quick guide article below. The cost for the use of a tandem is exactly the same as if you hire two solo bikes so the only consideration is whether a tandem is for you...

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2CV Hire - you drive the Tin Snail

And now for something completely different from a cycling holiday!

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