And now for something completely different from a cycling holiday!

2cv on hire

No car, no vehicle even, is so iconically French as the 2CV. A car with so much character that you can't help but smile when you are driving it, and yet one that will carry 4 people in comfort, allow the wind in your hair and do 50 miles to the gallon;-) Of course something as unique as the 2CV has become expensive, but we have an absolutely gorgeous one here for hire. 'Jade' is a 1982 model and has only covered 70,000 km in her 37 years. She's a hoot to drive and will happily cruise at the legal limit all day, in fact as most roads in France are now limited to 80 kmh you'll find yourself constantly in danger of a speeding ticket.



Difficult to Drive?

Though it is rather different to drive than a modern hatchback you will soon get used to its quirks and we're on hand to give you a driving lesson. You can drive it as far as you wish and she's quite capable of getting you to the coast in an hour making it a wonderful alternative day out. For those doing fixed-centre tours at the campsite or Gite it could be taken any day, but what a lovely way to use up an extra day at the beginning or end of your weeks cycletouring? The cost including all insurance, breakdown cover etc is 95€ a day, 181€ for two days, 328 for 4 days and finally 495€ for a week - all you need extra is to refill with petrol at the end of the day.

2cv caravan