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We offer both fixed centre camping in large canvas tents and several other 'interesting' accommodation options, or a wide range of moving-on tours in Brittany - France, where like some snail-in-a-shell you cycle off with all your worldly possessions and explore the magic of Brittany on one of our holidays. 29 years exploring Brittany (and much of France) by bike has left us with a profound knowledge of the most wonderful lanes, cyclepaths and the little villages that are connected by them - people discover places they'd never have seen without our help. For both fixed cycling and the cycle touring options you get supplied with all you need bike, tent, sleeping bag etc and us in the background - we are unique in doing such cycle camping holidays which as well as offering something unique manage it for a much lower cost than the alternative - come and join the adventure!

Moving-on cycle-camping holidays...

The real deal...

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camping holiday tentBefore we go on let me make an important point - Cyclecamping in France isn't the just the budget relation of the hotel holidays. The experience is quite different and for many people cyclecamping is the 'real thing' when it comes to cycling holidays and can easily become addictive:-) It could be argued that for what you pay us you could buy a cheap bike and a cheap tent and DIY. But with us you'll be using something like 1500€ of equipment each and more importantly if anything goes wrong we'll be out to you to get back on the road straight away. Sitting at the side of the road 40 miles from the nearest bike shop (that may be closed or not able to fix your bike), whilst your holiday plans go up in smoke isn't a risk if you come with us, and you'll get excellent equipment specifically designed for the terrain and surfaces you'll find in the area. Lastly you'll also get a route that taps into our 33 years of experience cyclecamping in Brittany...

Cycle camping is our first love and our own holidays are spent in the saddle cycling in France (along with three children before they 'grew up'). We believe that France is the finest country in the world for cycle camping as the network of high quality campsites is immense, even in areas rarely visited by tourists there is usually a campsite every 10 miles or so. This mixture of fine infrastructure, quiet roads and of course the wonderful Breton scenery combined with great value is the basis of our business and here you'll find a list of routes that will allow you to explore the area.

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Fixed-centre cycle camping holidays

An Adventure Under Canvas!

Fixed centre cycle camping holidays

Since 2013 we decided that for our Fixed-Centre Cycle Camping Holidays we'd go all old-fashioned, and so we have bought some 5m diameter bell-tents. These are huge and airy inside and there is the real feeling of camping under canvas. This comes with all equipment including the use of the campsite's canoes, and a wide range of routes - some described here - and of course your base is in the most perfect village of Gouarec. From 2017 we've added 3 other options. The first are five little classic caravans from the 60's and early 70's as an alternative at no extra cost making it the cheapest 'solid' accommodation you can find... The second is our new Bunkhouse converted for the lock-house at the entrance of the campsite, again at no extra cost. Lastly there are two shepherd's huts which are completely different...

The 'Fixed Centre' option keeps you at Gouarec for the week, a site right next to the canal, within 300m of a supermarkets, bakers, a new 25m swimming pool and several restaurants and bars. As for cycling, we provide around 20 different routes, and there's the canal towpath in both directions, a cyclepath to the nearest market town and a mass of deserted country lanes, so for beginners, people who can't face the idea of lightweight camping and families this is a perfect option at a much lower cost than hotels (and I think nicer;-). The other advantage is that you can use any of the equipment at the campsite for free - canoes, one of our big rowing boats etc. In fact if you want to drive out for the day then why not make it a real adventure and hire our 2CV?


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Gouarec Campsite on the Nantes-Brest Canal

Breton Bikes' very own campsite


In 2016 we took over the running of the Gouarec village campsite with a contract running until 2026, and there is now a website at It means we can at last have full control and turn it into one of the best campsites in Brittany, not only for our customers, but other cycletourists and of course anyone else who wished to bring their tent/caravan/motohome to a very beautiful place and at 6 Euro a night per person (and no extras) why not? We are also ideally placed for club meetings - cycle clubs, car clubs etc and have a special package for them.  You'll find fixed accommodation available for hire by the day - very special tents and caravans and even our new bunkhouse for larger groups. There's always space so just give us a call on 02 96 24 86 72 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Camping Group Trip for 2024 - Burgundy Bash!


25th August → 6th September - 600 km, average 50 km per day but may be up to 80 km.

Group cycling holiday

On all our other trips once you leave our base you are free of us unless you need help and with your own friends and/or family. On the group trips we put together a group of people to cycle together. !  On these trips you’ll find men and women, couples and singles, of all ages and from wildly different backgrounds. Yet, without exception, the group soon gels and becomes a group of like-minded friends ‘lost in France’. For us these trips are the high point of the season, and are the ones that bring people back to France year after year, with many on the trip being old friends afterwards - so if you want to join this select band don’t leave it too late. To give you some idea of the priorities of the group go and have a look at the Breton Bikes Gourmet Guide...

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Car club camping site in France

Gouarec Campsite – the perfect place for club meetings in France

Please see also our new site for Gouarec campsite

Having been a member of many clubs; cycling, classic cars, sailing, we know that group trips are often the high point of the club year. We're also aware that organising such trips is a huge amount of work even more so when they come to France. When we took over the running of Gouarec campsite in 2016, one the things that attracted us is that it is perfect for Club weekends/weeks and not only would it be good business but we'd enjoy every minute of it... For any details just contact us by email or phone.

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  • Camping Based Cycling Routes

    12 wonderful cycling routes to every corner of Brittany

    brittany - france mapThis page is designed to give you guidance as to what cycling route might suit you best - BUT! it is no substitute for a personal email to us, we fully expect customers to email before they book in order to discuss their needs - we are the most personal cycling holiday company in the business so take advantage of it:-)

    The big advantage of cyclecamping over hotels is its flexibility. If you completely misjudge how far you can cycle then it's not a catastrophe - you can alter the route as you go, miss out stops, double up days or even go off in a completely different direction - we don't mind! If you end up going 'off-piste' like this, a quick phone call to us to check if there's a campsite in the next town, or for advice is no problem. Also if you find you really NEED a proper bed again you can phone us and we'll book you into the nearest hotel for the night - pretty much anything is possible

    A Little Luxury?

    Obviously for all these tours you have your own lightweight equipment, but if you are arriving fairly late or have to leave early at the end of the week, or just fancy one night a little bit different to the others, we are this year offering various options based on our fixed-centre accommodation - for example our Bunkhouse. This option adds 15€ for the night per person and makes a rather special last stop;-)