Easy Rider - Camping Based Route in the Centre of Brittany

kids on nantes brest canal(moving on - average 13 miles - Max 17 miles Very, very easy. 85% cyclepath… - short-cut average nearer 8 miles a day) excellent for kids on their own bikes!

This is a route that we've put together for people, especially families with small children on their own bikes, that want a route with virtually no hills and much of the riding on cyclepaths rather than roads. It's especially flexible because it can be cut down (though we'd recommend the longer version) easily - this means that if on day one you find your 10 year-old is having problems, you can just take the short-cut. The big incentive to get them to make the effort is the campsite at Carhaix. Not only is it a lovely peaceful site set by the river and lakes, but 200m from it is the most amazing adventure park. A day off here, with you relaxing whilst they swing 50 feet up in the trees, and go down a 250m 'death slide' is worth a bit of extra pedalling! Our kids loved this place and the standards of preparation and safety are second to none - see karaezadrenaline For those not keen on Tarzan impressions there's a riding school right next by and the centre of this bustling market town is just a km or so away.

Day 1. - Sunday (but if you arrve early you could do this on Saturday...).15 kms

Normally we suggest you stay an extra day at the base at Gouarec to find your feet and decide exactly what equipment is best for the children.

The Nantes Brest canal - the prettiest in France
Day 2. - 18 kms

Today you set off towards Rostrenen on the old railway line (one of the old network of narrow-gauge lines in rural France) - Rostrenen making a perfect lunch stop. Then from here on to the little site at Mael Carhaix where you'll find a site set back from a lake with play area and beach. Lots of grass to run around on and no cars at all.

Day 3 (and 4 off the bikes...). - 15 kms

An easy day, almost all on the railway track and that brings you into the busy little town of Carhaix. The cyclepath ends here so it's a km of road to take you through the quieter part of town and then down to the campsite and the famous 'Tarzan' adventure area as promised! Normally you'd stay a couple of nights here, but with slack in the route you can decide yourself.

Typical french Market for hungry cyclists
Day 5. - 18 kms

This is probably your longest day. You cycle down to the canal, again on quiet roads, then just join the canal and follow it all the way to Glomel. The last section to the campsite involves a km or so on the road, but once down to the campsite you'll find a beach and both canoe and sailing boat hire. Hare to describe just how beautiful this section of canal is, but it's also deserted so you need to pack a picnic:-)

Day 6 (and 7?) - 15 kms - Back to base

A very pretty (and short) ride to bring you back to Gouarec. You'll see that here there is another spare day which you can take at any point on the route, but Gouarec does have it's attractions - the canal and canoe hire for one, as well as riding on the canal towpath in the opposi