BINIC AND BACK camping tour

Binic harbour bridge(Average mileage 15 mpd, maximum 21 miles) - The shortest ride if you want to get to the coast - some hills but with such short days it's easy and the lovely tourist trap at Binic well worth the effort



As you are camping the way you piece the week together can be pretty flexible, and you may well find yourself running days together to give extra days off on the coast. For example you can pinch a day by setting off on Saturday to the town of St Nicolas-du-Pelem (only 10 kms) then going all the way to the coast from there, as always it's up to you.

Day 1 - 10 kms (see above)

A short and pretty ride to the small msrket town of St Nicolas-du-Pelem. It's a grassy campsite right opposite the open air swimming pool.

Day 2 - 36 kms

The longest day of the week (about 20 miles) mostly on very small roads except for the last 3 kms which is on a wide, straight and flat/downhill main road i.e. over very quickly and the drivers will be able to see you easily - though we do offer a slightly longer detour for those wishing to avoid traffic. You arrive at Chatelaudren, where the campsite is quiet and tucked back from the town next to a lake. The town itself has a choice of eateries including a fine pizzaria which as with most such restaurants in France bears little resempblance to Pizza-Hut. If you are feeling full of cycling you could do tomorrows ride as well to pinch a day at the seaside, it's mostly downhill and probably an hours ride...

Day 3 - 15kms

Not only is this short, but the last 8 kms are downhill so it will take about an hour! It brings you down the valley and into Binic - our favourite spot for taking the kids to the beach. OK it's a tourist trap, but the French do them so beautifully - and so small and low-key you just can't help but love it...

Day 4 - 0 kms

Stay on the beach:-) Depending on how you've worked the week you may have more than one day here.

Day 5 - 34 kms

Remember that fabulous 8 kms sweep down to Binic? Guess what...

It's not that hard and we head you off into lanes so small you'll be thinking more of the map that your legs, besides at under 20 miles it's going to be a short ride anyway:-) The end of it is worth it as you arrive in the ancient fortified town of Quintin, a really lovely spot and with a town with several places to eat after you've walked the town walls.

Day 6 - 36 kms

More getting lost in the French countryside as you pass through tiny villages (with restaurants:-) and meander to the campsite at Mur-de-Bretagne. Set by the lake this is yet another chance to show off your swimming...

Day 7 (Saturday) - 15kms

After a very short climb up from the lake a gentle ride all on the old railway track/cyclepath (part of France's old narrow gauge system, past Bon-Repos and it's ruined Abbey, and then along the canal towpath to get back to base. You can easily do this on the Saturday morning giving even more slack/flexibility to the route...