Carnac beach(Average mileage 22 mpd, maximum 32 or 27 miles - Our most flexible route as there are several options when it comes to campsites. At it’s easiest there are very easy first few days, a little more difficult last three days, the alternatives are harder but give more time on the coast)


The 5000 year old standing stone alignment is probably the most famous stone age monument in France and in Europe rivalled only by Stonehenge. However to give the impression that this is the main reason to choose this route would be false - because the route to and from the coast is one of the best we offer. Rewritten last year it involves some serious lane navigation, which almost by magic brings you to the coast. You don't camp at Carnac (though of course being a camping route you can modify it if you want) but rather at the much smaller village of Erdeven. The reason is that it keeps you out of the tourist traps and leads directly to the longest beaches in Brittany - 20 kms of golden sands with rock pools, old German fortifications and nearby fishing villages for variety. This is also a very flexible route - you can run the last two days together to pinch and extra day, there are several other campsites en-route and so you can make it up as you go along if you wish:-)

Day 1 (Sunday unless you arrive early enough on Saturday to pinch a day) 42 kms but can normally be made shorter using campsites you pass on the route.

A ride through the rural countryside via several pretty villages complete with bars and restaurants for the hungry cyclist. The target campsite is at St Nicolas des Eaux, a village set by the canal with a couple of restaurants and a creperie so you won't starve...

Day 2 - The longest day at 46 kms, but as you get closer to the coast it gets flatter and flatter so not hard, again you can cut the ride short if you really are finding it hard.

Today you see the countryside change, from lush farmland to increasingly flat and sandy coastal areas. Passing through several villages big enough for sustinance the feeling of sweeping into the campsite right by the coast takes some beating.

Day 3 - A visit to Carnac (7 kms), a laze on the beach, seeing the market at Etel (5 kms), eating some of the best 'fruit de mer' in France at the local restaurants? Up to you...

Day 4 - 40 kms

You have to leave the coast but the ride to Baud is hardly and anti-climax with more countryside and little towns, a cyclists paradise.

Day 5 - 36 kms

More cross-country and finally to the village of Rohan, a lovely campsite set by the canal and with all a cyclist might need in the center.

Day 6 - 35 kms

Now the chance to cycle along one of the prettiest sections of canal in France, then off once more into small quiet roads to take you to the small market town of Mur-de-Bretagne where you camp next to the lake.

Day 7 (Saturday) - 15 kms

A short and easy morning as you cycle down the old railway track/cyclepath, past the ruined Abby at Bon Repos Abbaye in Brittany - France, and then finally the 3 kms up the canal towpath to Gouarec - 2 hours tops if you need to leave early.