TO THE ILE DE BREHAT camping route

Camping north coast( Average mileage 23 miles, maximum 31 miles - moderate difficulty) and another beautiful island on the North coast to explore at the end of it...




Brehat is yet another of those magical little islands that dot the coast of Brittany of the kind you find nowhere else in France. This route takes you not only there but also to Binic, the small port/fishing village/tourist trap on the North coast. This is where we take our kids when we go to the beach, 'tourist trap' sounds uninviting but it is really lovely and sitting outside one of the little bars that line the harbour wall on a hot summers evening, eating moules-frits and with a glass of ice cold muscadet has to be close to heaven... It's not a hard route, but with days up to 30 miles not for absolute beginners either. For those prepared to press on a lot more free time on the coast can be picked up with ease making it very flexible.

Day 1 - Sunday. 45 kms.

If you get here early enough on Saturday you can take a bite out of this by going 10 kms to St Nicolas du Pelem, with this done you can get to Binic by Sunday night! Otherwise this day takes you along the canal to Bon Repos Sunday market then via the usual maze of lanes to the village of Chatelaudren where you camp by the lake - big enough to have several restaurants and a good pizzaria...

Day 2 - 15 kms and mostly down hill...

This day can be tacked onto day 1 if you feel up to it giving more time at Binic. Otherwise it's a very easy 1 hour ride leaving you all day at Binic to explore the sea front shops, the beach and camping on the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Isle de brehat

Day 3 - 40 kms

This takes you up (sorry) away from the coast and up over the peninsula to the bustling fishing port of Paimpol. From there up the point to the coast right opposite the Isle de Brehat. Here you have a choice. You can camp here and take the ferry to the island for a day trip, OR go directly to the island and camp there.

Day 4

Brehat is small, only a couple of square miles, but therefore perfect for exploring on foot. The village at its heart has plenty of places to eat and buy food, but because the ferry is small the place never gets crowded. I love this place:-) You also have the option of camping on the island (though the ferry only takes 15 minutes so you may prefer to just go as foot passengers)

Day 5 - 40 kms

A long ride away from the coast with some seriously tiny country lanes to take you to Begard. The campsite is oppostite 'Armoripark' - a kind of French Themepark with the usual swimming pools, death slides etc... If you've teenage children its good fun but it's not intrusive on the campsite.

Day 6 - 48 kms

Now you cut cross-country. Tiny lanes, little villages, gorgeous countryside, quiet, lovely - nothing more to say really beyond 'perfect cycling country';-)