THE SMILE AND THE KISS camping route

St Nicolas bridge (Average mileage 35 miles, maximum 41 miles. More serious cycling, but not too difficult) - The smile of Brittany is the town of Quimper and it is said that its kiss is Quimperle. Both are lovely towns steeped in history, and well worth a walk around.

With an average of over 30 miles a day you are going to cover a lot of ground, but even these distances are only going to take a maximum of 5 hours so leaving plenty of time to explore. Because of the longer distances you obviously get to see more of the French countryside, for example the west and south coast as well as a great deal of the interior which to my mind is every bit as special (if not even more so).

Day 1 (sunday)- 37 kms

After taking in the market at Bon Repos an easy and very quiet ride to take you to the town of Carhaix - quite large by Breton standards and with a choice of eating places/bars. The campsite is set by a lake and is quiet and wooded but has a little bar/grill on-site

Day 2 - 43 kms

This day takes you through several little villages (with lunchtime restaurants) and on to the market town or Chateaulin, near the coast and right on the canal/river. A pretty ride and Chateaulin is bustling with the campsite set well back from the town next to the river.

Day 3 - 46 kms

Not a huge day but a fair climb out of Chateaulin and then of course you'll need to factor in time for visiting Quimper - a large and bustling town by Breton standards. Then on to the the tiny campsite at Elliant.

Day 4 - 37 kms

Really a mornings ride to get you to the coast at Port Manech. If you plan to do a morning's ride on Saturday next then you can pinch an extra day here tomorrow if you wish, or split that long day by camping at Quimperle, otherwise you'll have to go straight to day 5.

Day 5 - 62 kms

The second longest day and lunch at Quimperle, Before that you track the coast and spend quite a while getting lost in country lanes and go through Pont-Even on some larger roads, though with cycle lanes much of the time.

Day 6 (Friday)- 67 kms

The longest day to get you back to us but a lovely ride that gets you right back into the countryside. You pass through Plouay (Cite de Velo) and on to Kernescladen and St Caradec with their stunning granite churches - quite distinct from those you usually find in France (and a couple of restaurants). A longish haul but a treat for anyone of moderate fitness.