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A brief review of an excellent book.

There are three sorts of books on Cycletouring. Those which give detailed, "how to do it" instructions for a small area, the "How I cycled up Everest on a Penny Farthing", and the "taster book", written to entice you to find out more and explore for yourself. This book is of the latter category, though its author has been responsible for several in the second category including "Journey to the Centre of The Earth".

From such a well known cycletouring lunatic this book comes as something of a surprise. It attempts to cover the whole of mainland Europe in its 400 pages, and so can give little detail, but it manages to give a real flavour of what each country is like, and is full of useful contacts to find out more. Mr Crane has the knack of making you want to visit each place yourself, a rare talent.

For each country there is a tour mapped out in some detail, but I suspect the reader will be inclined to plan their own. There are also useful Col/pass guides for the Pyrenees and Alps which certainly accorded with my own experiences in the Pyrenees. There are no photographs which some may find a disappointment, but the book really stands up without these, which are often a diversion from poor writing. Personally this is a book which I will use as a first port of call when planning any tour in Europe - Highly recommended.


Book Review

Cycling in Europe - By Nicholas Crane. Published by Pan Books ISBN 0-330-30456-9