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- a week-long loop from the Brittany Ferries Port at Roscoff.


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What follows is a lovely ride that will take you from the Brittany Ferries port at Roscoff along the North-Brittany coast and though the unspoilt countryside of inland Brittany. It is offered freely to all fellow cyclists in the hope that you will fall in love with Brittany as we have. To help out I've put in links and numbers that will help you contact the hotels, but please remember that if you are 'flying solo' we are not responsible for any problems you may have. There are alternative hotels at some stops, but those mentioned are ones that we have used and can recommend. You'll also see that the trip involves 6 days riding, so if you have a week you can have two nights at any stop. Personally Bon Repos takes some beating...

The Google Map below is for guidance and you can follow the link below the map to see a much larger version that even allows you to look at the area via 'streetview'... Please excuse the inevitable errors, but hopefully it will guide to some special places to visit. Though the days are short to allow for lots of sightseeing, eating, drinking and just general lazyness, the ride is not flat and will help you burn off the inevitable calories you will consume. Lastly - though this route is based on one of our own commercial routes it is not regularly updated - so in effect it is current as of Spring 2014 but you need to check hotels before you leave. Also though I'm happy to help with questions by email, please don't ask us to book hotels, or expect us to offer breakdown or emergency services if something goes wrong when you are using this route - doing that for paying customers is how we make a living - it's all too easy for us to become 'responsible' for people who really should have come on one of our holidays;-) Have fun...

View Hotel loop from Roscoff in a larger map

Day 1 – Roscoff to Morlaix (26 kms)

Today you'll get off the ferry a little bleary so your first day is fairly short but with lots to see as you can easily go into the centre of Morlaix to explore or catch lunch. The ride along the coast does use some fairly large roads (compared to the deserted lanes you'll find later) but the drivers will be used to cyclists on it and are generally very careful – the coast is well worth it...

From the ferry just follow the exit signs from the port to take you up to the roundabout where you turn left on the D58 (Route de Rhun) signposted for ST POL DE LEON.

After 1 km you'll reach a roundabout where you take the second exit again signosted ST POL DE LEON on the D769 and this will take you into the bustling village of ST POL DE LEON which is a great place for a coffee and a bun...

As you get near the big twin spired church (well worth a look) you fork left signposted MORLAIX. Cycle up to and past the church following signs for MORLAIX.

Continue on this road and it will take you past the second large church (this time single spired) where you turn left signposted MORLAIX on the D769.

After 300m you reach a roundabout where you turn right again following signs for MORLAIX on the D769.

After 1 km you turn left onto the C2 signposted TREGONDERN. Just keep straight on this road and after 3 kms you'll hit the main road again, here turn left and this will take you sweeping down to and over the estuary and after 1 ½ kms you'll reach a roundabout where you take the last exit signposted LOCOUENOLE on the D173 which you'll reach after 5 kms. At the roundabout don't turn up into the village, but go straight-on towards MORLAIX on the D73.

This will take you 4 kms right into the heart of MORLAIX. As you come to the centre you'll see your Hotel 'Hotel du Port' on your right.

This Hotel is perfectly situated for exploring the town (remember to take the walkway over the viaduct which gives spectacular views of the town and estuary.

Day 2 - Morlaix to Plestin-les-Greve (54 kms)

A longish day and with some lovely sightseeing - I'd go to Loquierec

Turn right from the hotel to the roundabout and take the last exit – now you follow signs for PLOUEZOC'H.

After 300m you reach a junction where you take the TOUTES DIRECTIONS sign - by now the river will be on your left - if it's on your right you've gone wrong:-) After 300m fork left onto the D76 signposted PLOUEZOC'H which you will reach after 8kms winding along and then up the valley.

At the roundabout turn left onto the D76 signposted TERENEZ. As you come out of the village go straight on at the roundabout. After 6 km you reach a T-Junction in TERENEZ where you turn right signposted Le DIBEN. The after 300m you turn left signposted for LE DIBEN. Another km and you turn left AT A ROUNDABOUT signposted for PLOUGASNOU pas le cote. Another km and you'll reach LE DIBEN and at the roundabout take the second exit signposted PLOUGASNOU. This road then drops you down to the coast. After 1km you climb up away from the coast then soon reach the T-junction where you turn right to join the D46 Then after 800m you take the exit at the roundabout signposted PLOUGASNOU which you enter after 1 km and cycle up to the church. Follow the one-way system around the back of the church, and exit following the (small) sign for PLOUGASNOU - ST JEAN. After 1 km ths brings you swooping down to the beach, and at the end of the beach road you fork left following signs for GUIMAEC. After 1 km on this stunning cliff road you reach a T-junction where you turn signposted GUIMAEC and after 2 kms you'll pass the Musee de Terroir on your right.

Continue on to GUIMAEC after another 2kms and here cycle up to, and right round the church and then turn left onto the D64 signposted LOQUIREC (sign well back from the road) - which you reach after 2 kms.

From here you are on a busy coastal road. If you want to avoid the traffic just make sure you hit this stretch between 12 am and 2 pm and you'll find it pretty quiet as everyone will be eating...

Continue into LOQUIREC and you fork left signposted PLESTIN-LES-GREVES. Continue to wind through the village following signs for PLESTIN-LES-GREVES and this will take you out of the village after 1 km.

After 2 kms you cross a bridge over the estuary, and then follow tight to the coast, and then climbing up onto the cliffs once again. After 2 kms you reach a busy main road where you turn left signposted ST EFFLAM, which you'll go through after 2 kms. Continue on the main road along the coast for another 1 kms and you'll see on your right set back from the road the Hotel de La Plage - small, simple, cheap and cycle friendly;-)

Address: 46 Avenue de la Lieue de Grève, 22310 Saint Efflam
Phone: 06 27 63 02 77


DAY 3 - St Michel to Belle-Isle-en-Terre - 28 kms

This a short day but the reason is that it's hilly, but the restaurant at tonight's hotel, in my opinion, one of the very best in Brittany (though of course I've not been able to try them all...).

Turn right from the hotel along the coast and after 1 kms then turn right on the D22 signposted TREDUDER and LANVELLEC

Now comes the long climb up from the coast. It's a steady haul, try to find the best gear and just plod up, it's easy to overdo it at the bottom and be worn out too soon...

You reach TREDUDER after 2 kms steady climb and continue through the village. After 4 kms you come into LANVELLEC and at the stop-junction at the crossroads turn left signposted PLOUARET. Follow the road up to the church and just before turn left signposted PLOUARET, then after 50m fork right signposted PLOUARET which you reach after 6 kms.

There are bars and restaurants here.

In front of the church turn right signposted AUTRES DIRECTION, round the church then turn right signposted PLOUNEVEZ MOEDEC on the D32. After 1 km fork right again signposted PLOUNEVEZ MOEDEC on the D88 which you'll reach after 5 1/2 kms. At the small roundabout turn left signposted BELLE-ISLE-EN-TERRE. After 300m go straight on at the roundabout and this road will take you swooping down into BELLE-ISLE-EN-TERRE after 3 1/2 kms. In the village you'll see your hotel the 'Relais de Argoat' on your right just after the turning for the bridge.

DAY 4 – Belle-isle-en-Terre – Bon Repos – 55 kms – long and hilly so take your time, set off early and break up the day!

From the hotel turn left then after 50m turn right to take yourself over the bridge into the centre of BELLE ISLE. After 100 turn right which takes you up through the square. After 200m you reach a juction with the main road where you go straight across signposted PLOUGONVER on the D33. After 1 km turn right onto the D33b LOC ENVEL which you'll reach after 3 kms.

In the centre you'll see an old (15c) chapel on your left which has the most amazing interior decorations... And at the top of the hill there's a little cafe/bar.

In the centre of the village turn left signposted LA CHAPEL NEUVE then after 200m turn right signposted LA CHAPEL NEUVE. Aftre 3 kms you'll see a tiny wooden sign (don't miss it!) for LA CHAPEL NEUVE here turn right. Then after 100m you reach a crossroads where you go straight-on signposted LA CHAPEL NEUVE. 2 1/2 kms brings you to a crossroads where you go straight-on.

Excellent little bar restaurant at this junction - don't miss it!

Another km you reach a crossroads where you go straight-on signposted CALLAC on the D125. After 5 kms you reach a T-junction where you turn left signposted CALLAC and this will take you into the town after 1 km. Cycle past the huge church and at the T-junction turn left signposted CARHAIX. After 50m go straight-on at the traffic lights signposted GUINGAMP and then keep straight-on for 500m and you'll see a hotel 'Auberge des Basques' on your left which does a superb midday meal.

This hotel is run by a real 'basque' lady and the food is highly recommended...

Go past the hotel and after 1 km you reach the roundabout at the main road where you go straight across, signposted ST SERVAIS on the D28. Another 50m and you take the first exit from the mini roundabout signposted ST SERVAIS which you reach after 3 kms. Keep straight on through the village staying on the D28. 4 kms brings you to a Stop junction where you turn right signposted KERGRIST-MEOLOU on the D31 which you'll reach after 9 kms.

A pretty church (you can climb the tower) with huge hollow trees in front makes a lovely picnic spot, there are also a couple of bars...

Here ride down to the centre and take the road on the right before the church signposted ROSTRENEN and then after 50m turn left. 100m and you turn right to take you out of the village on the D31. After 1km turn left signposted PLOUNEVEZ-QUINTIN.

Follow this road for 7 kms and you'll reach a right turn with a white house behind it. There's a little signpost to LE HELOU. 2 kms brings you into PLOUNEVEZ-QUINTIN. Cycle past the church to the Stop-junction where you turn right.

Here there is a cracking lunchtime restaurant.

After 100m turn left signposted GOUAREC and another 50 m brings you to a junction where you go straight on signposted AUTRE DIRECTIONS which will take you back to GOUAREC after 9 kms. At the crossroads in the centre and follow the road through the centre and go straight-on past the campsite entrance and turn left onto the canal towpath.

After about 5 km you will reach BON REPOS.

This is a beautiful spot set by the weir. There is a friendly little bar, a play area and you can even hire canoes. The centre-piece of BON REPOS is the ruined abbey overlooking the canal. The abbey also sports a couple of souvenir shops, if you do buy something you can always leave it with us rather than carting it around thecountryside.

If you want to do a little walk, cycle up past the abbey and at the main road turn left. Take the second right after 100m and go up the very steep hill! (push). After 150m you pass the cyclepath on your right, go past this and another 50m you'll see a path on your right signposted for 'LISCUIS'. Take this up to the top of the hill (leaving your bikes behind) and at the top are a series of spectacular covered tombs that or some of the best in Europe. It also is a wonderful wild place for a picnic.

If you now take the road that follows the canal from BON REPOS it will take you through the forest and after about 2 km to the FORGES DES SALLES, an old industrial site complete with chateau which is open to the public.

The Hotel (Les Jardins de L'Abbaye) is set right next to the Abbaye and is part of the complex of old buildings there.

Day 5 - Bon Repos to Huelgoat - 50 kms.

From the hotel go back to the canal, then back along the towpath to Gouarec - Continue past and after 4 kms you reach PLELAUFF where you cross the roadbridge (and swap over to the other side of the canal. Another 2 kms you reach another roadbridge where you turn right to take you away from the canal - this is a long hill so take your time. This road will take you to Rostrenen after 4 kms. At the T-Junction turn left into the centre. This road will take you past the church after 300m and then after another 200m you reach a mini roundabout where you take the last exit then after 200m turn left signposted KERGRIST.

Cycle along this road for about 500m, crossing over the main road on the bridge, and after another 200m you'll see the old station building on your right, and opposite the cyclepath running off to your left.

The path will take you all the way to MAEL-CARHAIX. After a while you'll notice that the road runs parallel to the track, and if you find the track hard going this road is faster, and not too busy and will also take you all the way into the centre of MAEL-CARHAIX.

Your reach MAEL-CARHAIX after 9 kms. When you reach the end of the cyclepath turn left to take you the 500m to the centre of the village. You'll pass a surprisingly well stocked supermarket and a baker before the church and you need to use them:-)

At the junction by the church go turn right signposted CALLAC. Stay on this road and you'll find that the cyclepath is running parallel to you again - personally I'd stay on the road as it's faster:-) After 1 km fork left signposted CARHAIX on the D49 (you actually keep on the same road). After 4kms turn right signposted TREFFRIN.

Another 700m you go straight-on at the roundabout signposted TREFFRIN, then after 500m you reach a small left turn with a green - 'ECOLE' sign – amongst others) which you turn down, after 2 kms you cross the railway line and then you reach the main road which you cross following signs for PLOUNEVEZEL. After 3 kms you reach a crossroads where you go straight on and directly into PLOUNEVEZEL, then after 100m turn right signposted POULLAOUEN. Another 2 kms and you reach the main road where you turn right signposted POULLAOUEN on the D769, which you will reach after 5 kms.

This village has bars and a small restaurant, but the latter may well be shut on a Sunday.

Continue through the village following signs for HUELGOAT. This road takes you down the river valley, and then crosses the river after 4 kms. After 4 kms you turn left signposted HUELGOAT and this will take you into the town after 3kms. Keep straight on til you reach the lake and you'll see your hotel - 'Hotel du Lac' on your left.

Day 6 – Huelgoat to Plouvorn - 57 kms

Turn left out of the campsite and along by the lake. After 500 m you bear right away from the lake and after another 100m turn left into the town square signposted BERRIEN on the D14. Keep straight on through the square (lots of places for breakfast:-) and after 300m you bear left and cross the bridge by the lake and cycle up out of HUELGOAT staying on the D14.

3 kms brings you into BERRIEN – keep straight-on following signs for MORLAIX and after 500m you reach a crossroads with the main road where you turn left signposted Morlaix on the D 769. Just stay on this road. Now a tricky bit - after 12 kms you turn hard left back on yourself signposted for PLEYBER CHRIST. This is easy to miss but as there are few left turns you just need to keep your eyes open - you reach PLEBER after 3 kms... Keep straight on past the church and then at the traffic-lights go straight-on signposted ST THEGONETTE. After 3 kms you reach a T-junction where you turn left signposted ST THEGONETTE on the D712. After 1 km go straight on at the roundabout signposted for ST THEGONETTE. Cycle though the village staying on the D172 then after 1 km turn left signposted PENZE on the D131.

Careful as this bit is tricky as there are no signposts... After 1 km you'll pass a stone cross on your right – immediately afterwards fork left (there's a white house just past the turning).

Then after 500m you reach a crossroads where you go straight-on signposted PLOUVERN.

Another 6 kms and you reach a crossroads where you give-way and go straight-on signposted ST POL DE LEON on the D75. You reach a big roundabout where you go Straight-on signposted ST POL DE LEON which you'll reach after 2kms. From here you'll be able to retrace your steps into Roscoff Ferryport...

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