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One of our specialities is providing cycling holidays for experienced cycletourists. If that means you then you are probably used to decent equipment, reasonable mileages and don't want to cycle in a group of beginners. On the other hand you don't want the hassle and cost of bringing all your gear to France and then risking the chance of a breakdown writing off a hard-earned holiday. If that's the case then you've come to the right place.

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No matter what you ride at home, we really don't think you'll be disappointed in our touring bikes – in fact it's very common for experienced cyclists to go home rethinking what they want in a touring bike. There are lots of details here but rest assured you'll have a very good, and well maintained bike for your stay. That of course goes for all the other equipment, pannier, tents whatever.

Custom Cycling Routes

Then there's the route. On our routes pages you'll see many routes, both hotel, and camping based. But what you see here is merely the tip of the iceberg, because for more experience riders we can double up, and generally cut-and-paste routes together to take you much further per day. For example the two routes – 'Bay of Morlaix' and 'Binic and Back' dovetail perfectly to give a route of between 35 and 50 miles per day. This 'doubling (or even tripling) can give hotel-based routes up to 60 mpd but for campers the routes are even more flexible as nothing has to be pre-booked. Indeed there is a 'magical-mystery-tour' option where we supply all the gear plus a campsite guide and maps and you set off and plan your own adventure. Of course in this, as any other case we are on the end of the phone to give help and advice at any time.

Such special routes don't add to the cost – it's all in the standard service.

Cyclist - but new to cycletouring?

For experienced cyclists who have never toured before we are likewise there to give advice and help in planning the route and giving ideas as to what to expect. It's not easy for someone who is used to riding for a couple of hours at 20+ mph to adjust to the pace of cycletouring - we're here to help;-)

Cycling Led-Trips

Lastly for people wanting company we always run at least one 'led-trip' per year. These are run in June and/or September and always involve rather more serious cycling than normal. Frequently to mountains (e.g. the 2013 trip went to the Ventoux) and can involve distances of up to 50 mpd – these are very special trips with limited space so don't miss out...

A Small Favour

We hope you've enjoyed reading this short article and will go on to read many more. This website exists both as an information hub for cyclists – (and we offer free advice by email) - but also as a commercial site to sell our cycling holidays. For 27 years we've been the only company in the world offering fully equipped cycle camping holidays and now also offer hotel based holiday and even run our local campsite which is uniquely well geared up for passing cycletourists.

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