Brooks Titanium Swift Saddle.

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In a previous issue I droned on about the brilliance of Brooks saddles. The one problem with them is their weight. The answer is of course to raid the piggy bank and buy a Swift. I've had one of these on test for a couple of months now and after enduring the breaking in period - not toooo bad, I've come to love it as much as my own much used and deformed Brooks Professional. It firstly is beautiful to look at, classic honey coloured saddle leather, cut as sparingly as possible with large copper rivets holding the thing together. The leather seems better quality than any previous Brooks I've used, becomming supple very quickly with a little neatsfoot oil, and it's shape is just about perfect for my (generous) rear. What sets it apart is the use of titanium seat rails which help shave a few grams, and are supposed to offer a little more flex and therefore comfort, thought I didn't notice any great difference. So the Swift is lighter, by 100 grms or so, but it's still a lump compared to some racing razors, but I wouldn't want to ride those... It's also one of the most expensive saddles you can buy, but as it is likely to last for thirty years or so, and will just keep getting more and more comfortable during that period, it's cost per year is a fraction of the alternatives. I'd rank it as the most beautiful, comfiest, toughest saddle in the world so to give it less than 10/10 would be churlish, though don't expect anything else to get that accolade!

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