130km loop from Gouarec to Plounevez-Quintin, Belle Isle-en-Terre, Callac and Rostrenen.

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This is for serious cyclists only for obvious reasons - but well worth the effort;-)

1 - Cycle to the centre of Gouarec by the Bar 'Le Lion D'Or'. Cross the main road signposted Plounevez-Quintin which you reach after 9 kms.

Plounevez-Quintin has a couple of bars and a small restaurant – coffee?

2 – Cycle into the centre turning right onto the main road and past the Church then turn immediately left after the church signposted in blue for 'Valee du Blavet'. After 200m fork left. Another 100m and turn right signposted 'Le Helou'.

After 1 km turn left at the T-junction. After 7km turn right at the T-junction signposted Kergriste-Moelou which you will reach after 1 km

Kergrist is a tiny village with a magnificent 800 year-old church. Well worth going in and the hollow Yew trees in the churchyard, along with one of the best 'calvaries' in Brittany are must-sees. There is a small bar and a shop in the village.

3 – Continue past the church and out of the village. After 9 kms turn left signposted Callac. After 4kms you reach St Servais.

St Servais is yet another tiny village with a massive church and a cosy little bar as well...

4 – Continue straight-on out of St Servais. After 3.5 kms you reach a small roundabou where you take the last exit and then immediately go straight across the large roundabout signposted Callac which you will enter after 1 km.

Callac is a small market town with a choice of restaurants, bars, bakers and shops.

5 – In the centre of Callac (the main road you came in on rather than the square) turn right up past the 'Poste' signposted Lannion on the D11. After 600m fork right signposted Le-Chapelle-Neuve (D125). Keep on this road for 7kms then turn right into Le Chapelle Neuve (D54) after 1km. Keep straight on following signs for Plugonver (D54) which you'll reach in 4kms.

This is a small village but manages to have a bar/shop.

6 – Cycle to the church and then beyond following signs for Bell-Isle (D33) which you reach after 7 kms.

This large village has a great restaurant 'Relais de L'Argoat'!

7 – Leave Bell-Isle following signs for Plunevez-Moedec (D712) – this is left out of the restaurant entrance... You'll cross the main road then reach Plunevez-Moedec after 2 kms. Here turn left at the roundabout signposted Loguivy-Plougras (D88) which you reach after 6 kms.

This has another great restaurant...

8 – Leave Loguivy on the D11 signposted Loguivy then continue on the D11 following signs for Callac which you will reach after 17 kms.

9 - In the centre of Callac (the main road you came in on rather than the square) take the road signposted Dault. After 1 km you reach a large roundabout where you take the first exit signposted Dault. This is a busy road. After 1 km turn left onto the D11 signposted Dault which you reach after 4 kms.

Dault is a small village but manages to have a bar/shop.

10 - Cycle past the church then immediately turn right signposted Locarn which you reach after 6 kms.

If you fork left up into Locarn you'll find a small bar there, but normally you keep straight-on.

11 – Cycle past Locarn, following signposts for Mael-Carhaix staying on the D11 which you will reach after 6 kms.

Mael Carhaix is a village with bakers, shops, bars and a small restaurant – from the centre you'll see the campsite/lac indicated and this makes a lovely picnic spot – there is a small bar at the lake which in summer is open and sells chips;-)

12 - In the centre by the church follow signs to Rostrenen to take you out of the village. After 2kms you will see the cyclepath paralleling the road on your left. This is the V6 – get onto this and it will take you all the way first to Rostrenen (10kms) and then on to Gouarec after another 12 kms.

Rostrenen is full of bars and restaurants and three bakeries, but there's no need to detour into it if you don't want to as a ride to Rostrenen is highly recommended for a Tuesday morning when the market is on....

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