80 KM loop to Pontivy and around the Lac de Gueledan

This cycling route is free to all - copy, link, print, share and enjoy but please link to it rather than copying onto your own website.;-)

The ride to Mur is almost all flattish cyclepath – and the ride to Pontivy easy but the return to the lake is hilly though gorgeous woodland...

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1 – At Gouarec get onto the canal towpath and cycle 3 kms to Bon Repos. Get of off the path and cross the bridge to take you past the Abbaye to the main road after 500m. Here turn left then second right (now signposted for the V6 cyclepath). This climbs sharply and after 200m you turn right to get onto the V6 cyclepath to Mur-de-Bretagne. This goes all the way to Mur-de-Bretagne – crossing the main road after 1 km (just follow the V6 signs) and passing Caurel after 7 kms then into Mur after another 5 kms. The cyclepath brings you out by the old station – as you cycle to the centre just watch out for the signs to St Aignan (D35) on your right as that's how you get out of Mur.

Though there is a bar/restaurant in Caurel there is more choice in Mur-de-Bretagne (the Grande Maison will skin you for 100 Euro if you're keen;-) - and the usual shops and bakers.

2 – From Mur get onto that St Aignan road which swoops downhill to the canal after 3 kms. Cross over the canal staying straight on and you are now on the D35. A km will bring you into the hamlet of LE CORBOULO where they seem to have removed the village signs, where you turn left signposted PONTIVY on the D 156

3 - Two km on you come to a fork where you fork right signposted PONTIVY staying on the D 156. 4 kms further on you come to a stop junction where you turn left signposted PONTIVY on the D 125. Almost immediately you turn right signposted PONTIVY on the D 156. Another 4 km brings you to STIVAL. In the middle of the village you will see the school in front of you as the road curves to the right. Here turn left. This is easy to miss so if you hit the main road, you have missed this turn off and need to retrace your steps for 200 metres*.

Note – if you don't mind a bit of careful traffic it's now much quicker just to get on the main road and follow it all the way into Pontivy centre -

4 - However assuming you are using the lanes - *After 50 metres turn right down a tiny lane which is marked “no cars or mopeds”. After 1 km this lane sort of joins the main road (see also above), but you don’t cross and after about 100 metres it bears away from the main road again. 200 metres brings you to a little Cul-Del-Sac, where you follow signs to the swimming-pool(piscine de plien air) where there is a little footbridge over the stream on your left. Cross this bridge and turn immediately right. This lane follows the stream and passes the Hospital. After 1/2 km you reach a T-Junction where you turn left. This road meets the main road after 250 metres, where you turn left and cross the canal. You are now in PONTIVY, with the centre of the town in front of you.

Pontivy is a beautiful Nepolionic town, with a fine centre that is well suited to walking around. The Chateau is enormous, and there are guided tours, but perhaps the best bit are the old streets that lead off the square. Although quite large by Breton standards, Pontivy is small enough to walk around in an afternoon, however it is a little posh, with many expensive shops.

5 – Leave pontivy on the main road you came in on – thus crossing the canal at the same point... After 500m you fork left (UP!) signposted MALGUENAC which you'll reach after 6 kms.

Nice bar here...

6 - Cycle through the village and on the exit fork right signposted CLEGUEREC (D159) which you'll reach after 6 kms.

Again a bustling little town

7 – Cycle into the centre and past the church following signs for ROSTRENEN (D15) to take you out of the town. After 1 km fork right signposted ST BRIGITTE (D15) which you'll reach after 7 kms.

Besides the church this village has a small English-run bar and an absolutely brilliant (and very 'authentic' creperie).

4 – Turn left signposted Perrett (C201) past the church and after 100m turn right again signposted Perrett which you will reach after 3 kms.

Another tiny village with a big church and this time a bar as well.

5 – Cycle past the church and turn immediately right signposted for 'Bon Repos'. Then after 1 km turn left 90 degree turn (there's no signpost and this angle is the most distinctive part!)

Though easy to get wrong there's no panic because if you do miss the turning the road will simply take you all the way back the Bon Repos after 4 kms (nearly all downhill) so you can't get really 'lost' – you may well prefer this anyway as the alternative is quite hilly.

6 – After 2.5 kms you cross the main road signposted Plelauff (C2) which you will enter after 2 kms. At the old chapel turn right down the hill and through the village (stopping at Le Pelanne for a beer...) and reach the canal after 1 km. Here turn right and follow for 3 kms into Gouarec.