Cycle to Bon Repos – 6 kms all on flat cyclepath.

Bon Repos is the home of the famous Abbaye de Bon Repos which (in part) dates form the 13th century

– see Set right by the canal in the most picturesque position imaginable it also hosts a lovely little hotel restaurant in the grounds – 'Le Jardin de L'abbaye' -

On Sunday morning (which is when we recommend you cycle there) there is a Sunday market just full of delicious local delicacies set on the other bank of the canal by the weir – there's a pretty little bar here too.

The ride is a simple there and back to the Abbaye all on the canal tow-path and for many of our customers it becomes a regular 'there-and-back' most evenings, not least because there are three restaurants and three small bars right there and darkness doesn't fall in late spring/summer until 10.00pm or so. This is a ride that even small children on their own bikes can do without any danger (providing they don't end up in the canal...).

If you continue just for another couple of kms beyond Bon Repos you come across 'Les Forges des Salles' – set in the heart of the Foret de Quenican. This is the site of a large iron foundry and has be rebuilt to give a real idea of what it must have been like 200 years ago – there is also the 'Masters' impressive chateau and gardens.

Again from Bon Repos, a 500m cycle takes you to the foot of the 'Gorges du Doulas' – a steep cut into the schist massive. There is a footpath there – you just dump the bikes (they'll be fine) and walk up the steep track for less than a km and you'll find yourself on the ridge overlooking the whole valley and gorge. And 'there' you will find one of the hidden treasures of central Brittany. Tucked in amongst the gorse and heather are three covered tombs of 'Liscuis' - - dating back 4000 years or so. Unlike places like Carnac, here you are welcome to walk right up to them and even (by hopping over a rope) to go inside... Then the walk back down takes you past old scrape quarries, abandoned quarryman's cottages and the like.

So that one route – just to Bon Repos is easily the basis for two or three day's exploring. It also forms the first step of several of the other fixed-centre routes.

A Small Favour

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