– 25 kms mostly on cyclepath.


Obviously you can cycle to the town of Rostrenen at any time but by far the best is to go on the Tuesday morning and hit the market. This isn't a 'trinkets' market for tourists, but rather a proper French food market, with many of the sellers also being the producer. Increasingly this market has become a farmers market for organic produce of all kinds, bread, poultry, cheese, vegetables etc. The town also sports several restaurants including a Michelin starred restaurant (which will still do a meal for 20 Euro at midday!), a specialist fish/seasfood restaurant and the usual mix of traditional restaurants with a pizzaria and a Kebab shop thrown in;-)

To get there you join the old narrow-gauge railway track (now a cyclepath) at Gouarec and cycle all the the way to the town – no roads or traffic. There then follows a couple of hundred metres of road into the centre.

Once you've finished in Rostrenen you simply ride out of the town on a wide but almost deserted road (long-since-bypassed). It's now you realise just how far you climbed in the morning – the old railway being a continious 1:100 or so gradient – because the return is a beautiful 5 km sweep down to the Nante-Brest canal towpath which will then take you all the back to Gouarec – a very pretty section of canal it is too.