– 45 kms, hilly, great views and lots to see.


The Lac de Guerledan is the biggest lake in Brittany. It's artificial and was formed by damming the canal below Mur de Bretagne to flood the valley for a hydro-electric scheme.

This was all done 50 or so years ago and so the lake has a mature feel to it. In one long day you can ride all the way around it and a fascinating ride it is too.

The first part of the ride is simple – you just cycle to Bon Repos and then from the canal towpath cycle just 500m to join the old narrow gauge railway cyclepath (now running East). This takes you all the way (15 kms) to Mur de Bretagne and gives some lovely views of the lake to your right. Half way you pass the village of Caurel where you'll find a couple of small restaurants.

You leave the cyclepath at Mur de Bretagne which gives you time to explore this large village with its restaurants (including one VERY expensive place) shops and huge church.

Then you sweep down to the dam and get a chance to visit the quirky little museum of electricity - at St Aignan.

There then follows a bit of effort as you climb up from the dam and through the Foret de Guerledan on tiny winding lanes. Here is where you've a fair chance of seeing deer and even wild boar if you are lucky.

This route winds its way all the way past the Forges des Salles then on to Bon Repos where you join the canal again for a gentle 3 km wander home.