The Breton Bikes/ITDG charity ride to the Pyrenees

The story of our charity cycletour to the fabulous Pyrenees...

This is my very biased account of the trip, Evelyn, one of the heroes has done her own version which you can find here.

We have just put up a Facebook page which has ALL the pictures I have from myself and members of the group, and in much greater detail than here - the wonders of technology - go see them here... 

The idea...

Breton Bikes is our own baby, Kate and I have run it for fourteen years and through that time made both a living, and many friends. But though enjoying our cosy lifestyle in central Brittany, both of us increasingly felt that having had such wonderful good fortune in our lives we needed to do something to help others pick themselves up and make their lives better too. Call it middle class angst or guilt at our luck? The feeling that after hearing and reading so much about the misfortunes of others, that it began to feel like some form of gratuitous self-indulgence to moan about the state of the world at a dinner party, whilst downing a bottle of Champagne that would feed a family in some third world village for a month. So we wanted to make a difference and we knew that in the group of cyclists who regularly came on our tours we had people who could make it possible.


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The great pyrenean adventure - Day 2

Sunday 14th September, Biarritz to Salies-de-Bearn - 61kms

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The Great Pyrenean Adventure - Day 5

Wednesday 17th - Bagnere-de-Baigorre to St Beat. 65 kms

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The Great Pyrenean Adventure - Day 6

Thursday 18th - St Beat to Bagneres-de-Luchon and The col de Portillon

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