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Read and enjoy and I am always very happy to add contributions from others in order to make the Archive as broad and as worthwhile as possible.

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And last but not least – the whole saga of.... The Breton Bikes ITG charity ride to the French Pyrenees


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The wonderful Trangia cooker - review

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All our camping customers are supplied with a Trangia cook-set, why do we choose these instead of the various alternatives?

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Ladies' Frames – elegant solution to a problem or blot on the progress of equality for women?

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There are a million different types of bikes out there, but one division splits many of those bikes in to two distinct groups – the provision of ladies' and gents' frames.

Read more: Ladies' Frames – elegant solution to a problem or blot on the progress of equality for women?

Cycling Fashion Victims

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– a rant against bicycle design and it's impact on Breton Bikes...

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Wheels for Cyletouring - 700c vs 26”

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They are all round, but which is best for cycletouring???

Breton Bikes cycling in france Facebook Page

First let me put this article into perspective. Breton Bikes has been offering cycling holidays in France for 29 years now and in that time we've had around 10,000 customers – each riding for a week on a loaded touring bike. For each holiday the average customer will cover around 150 miles (some much more) in their week. A quick bit of calculation then puts the mileage of our fleet at something around 1,750,000 miles, or 70 times round the world.

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Cycling up Hills - the Myth of how they are Hard Work.

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Or how to love climbing, how to survive hills and why they are a good thing on a cycling holiday;-)

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