And now for something completely different - Rowing on a French canal...

Our fixed centre cycling holidays also include free access to our canoe fleet. The snag is that Canoes are all well and good, but not that suitable for families with smaller children or those intimidated by the odd wobble! So we've just bought a 14' rowing boat that will easily take up to six adults with one or two rowing. 


Ladies rowing

It's large, very stable and something that you can potter along the Nantes-Brest canal in and even take a picnic to the island along the canal - arguably the prettiest in France. It's also sturdy enough to use the locks on the canal so you could even row to Bon Repos have a meal there and then row back. I know it's a little different to the normal cycling holiday but it's free for you so why not give it a go;-)


beautiful rowing boat 

In fact what a perfect day out? Pack a big picnic and just drift down to Bon Repos and back, or upstream into the countryside beyond Gouarec. It's amazingly easy to row and even gentle rowing will get you up to walking speed - you could even pretend to be three-men-in-a-boat???

rowing boat wave