Canvas Camp tents for sale

Breton Bikes is now the Brittany distributor for Canvas Camp!

For four years now we've been using beautiful, traditional Sibley tents for our cyclinsts doing fixed-centre cycling holidays. We've used several makes, but by far the best were those produced by Canvas Camp. Why are they the best? Well none of the tents we've used have been 'poor', but the attention to detail, cut and finish of the Canvas Camp tents is just that bit better.


fixed centre bikes


For those wanting to use these tents all year round their 'professional' series are simply the best you can buy and what we use for hire ourselves, but even the entry level tents will give years of service and are lovely to camp in. The one big surprise to everyone is how easy they are to pitch - Kate can put a 5m Sibley up in about 15 minutes on her own...

fixed centre tent


Prices are to be found on the Canvas Camp website here, but run from 299€ for a 3m Sibley (big enough for a full sized double mattress) to 599€ for a 5m Sibley - as you can see there are many options and models available.