Hotel Based Cycling Holidays in Brittany

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Over the last 30 years we have discovered some wonderful little hotels and increasingly Chambre D'hotes (posh B&B), and have produced a series of beautiful cycling routes to link them to put together a tour that will suit all abilities and reach any area. For 2019 we have researched two new routes which are almost exclusively on cycleroutes and which are ideal for those looking for gentle wobbles, or for families who want to let the children strike off and not worry about them. These routes all use French owned and French run establishments for a real feeling of cycling in France. For those who are more comfortable speaking only English in the evenings we've also - again for 2019 - designed a new Chambre D'Hote route using exclusively English run Bed and Breakfasts - for details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hotel at Morlaix
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Bon Repos hotel
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Chambre D'Hote room
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Typical Chambre D'Hote room
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Pontivy Hotel
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Pontivy Hotel rooms
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Huelgoat Hotel
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Bar at Bon Repos
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Pontivy hotel room
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Hotel at Melrand
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Binic Hotel
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Hotel centred cycling holidays

A little luxury in the Heart of Brittany

Small hotel in central Brittany - FranceSince Breton Bikes started we've built up a relationship with around 50 little hotels in Brittany and produced detailed cycling routes to link them - these places are friendly, personal and give a real taste (in every sense) of Brittany - more importantly they like, and value our guests so you will be sure of a warm welcome... The hotels we use are not the large impersonal "chain" type, but small family run establishments ranging from three rooms to thirty. They are obviously very varied, and no we can't say they all have 2-stars or 3-stars (some do), or this certificate or that award, in truth the various 'labels' offer little guide to what a hotel is like (I've seen horrid 2-star hotels!). But they all provide at the very least simple, but good accommodation and a friendly welcome. They also supply some rather good food...

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Cycle touring in Brittany using Chambre D'Hotes

A most personal Adventure

Bed and Breakfast based cycling holidaysAt Breton Bikes we've been organising hotel based cycling holidays since 1989. We've used small family run hotels for the most part because that's what we prefer ourselves. But over the last few years we've also added Chambre D'Hotes (essentially B&B). They give an even more personal, and 'French' experience as you are staying in people's homes and often even eating with them. The Chambre D'Hotes we use are all larger ones with 3 or more rooms, and all must offer an evening meal – essential as many are in the middle of nowhere – except for one that is in the middle of a town. Of course those evening meals will be good, hearty local food - again just that bit more authentic and French than the usual restaurant fare.

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  • Hotel Cycling Routes

    12 Wonderful hotel based cycling routes to every corner of Brittany

    Hotel cycling routes in Brittany - FranceThis page is designed to give you guidance as to what cycling holiday might suit you best - BUT! it is no substitute for a personal email to us, we fully expect customers to email before they book in order to discuss their needs - we are the most personal cycling holiday company in the business so take advantage of it:-) 

    With these tours you carry your own luggage - which takes no extra effort! see FAQ. Please note that routes may vary slightly from described due to things like availability of hotels rooms, road closures etc. However the alternatives will be just as good...  Each description also has a link to a Google Map which you can zoom in and out of and see terrain and satellite pictures.

    The price includes your accommodation with en-suite facilities and continental breakfast. We don't include evening meals because if we did it would lose you the flexibility of eating where and when you wanted, but all hotels will provide an evening meal (or there's a nearby restaurant) for around e15-25 if you do wish to eat in.

    A Little Luxury?

    Obviously for all these tours you have pre-booked accommodation all paid for, but if you are arriving fairly late or have to leave early at the end of the week, or just fancy one night a little bit different to the others, we are this year offering a very special night at the campsite in our beautiful Shepherd's huts - no shepherd ever slept in something like this! This option doesn't add anything to the costs and makes a rather special last stop...