A most personal Adventure

Bed and Breakfast based cycling holidaysAt Breton Bikes we've been organising hotel based cycling holidays since 1989. We've used small family run hotels for the most part because that's what we prefer ourselves. But over the last few years we've also added Chambre D'Hotes (essentially B&B). They give an even more personal, and 'French' experience as you are staying in people's homes and often even eating with them. The Chambre D'Hotes we use are all larger ones with 3 or more rooms, and all must offer an evening meal – essential as many are in the middle of nowhere – except for one that is in the middle of a town. Of course those evening meals will be good, hearty local food - again just that bit more authentic and French than the usual restaurant fare.

 At first we were a little nervous about this change, but rapidly it became obvious that everyone loved these stops, and many people asked if next time they could have a route which had a higher proportion of Chambre D'Hotes.

So starting this year we have introduced two new routes which ONLY use Chambre D'Hotes – one to the coast at Binic, and the other a beautiful loop through the Heart of Brittany.

chambre dhote guingillyWho are these cycle routes for?

With the hotels you will be staying in a place with 5-20 rooms, a restaurant and bar. In the Chambre D'Hotes you are essentially staying in the owner's home, and rather than a restaurant, you'll be eating your meal with the family or a handful of other guests. The chances are that those guests and certainly the family, will be French so you simply can't avoid the whole 'French experience'. If you are here to immerse yourself in France, if you fancy having a go at speaking French, if you are on your own and want company or if you really want a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere rather than a hotel then these routes are going to be perfect for you. They are also very family friendly – as most are set in the countryside they have large gardens and other open spaces where kids can run about – more space all round than a hotel in a town.

What is the accommodation like?

Wonderful and varied;-) Chambre D'hotes offer en-suite facilities. In almost all cases the rooms will be larger than in a hotel and the ones we have chosen are really special places. Just as an example below you'll see the exterior and interior of the Chambre D'Hotes at Boqueho where not only will you get one of the meals of the week, but for a small fee be able to soak your careworn body in their hot-tub and sauna;-)chambre dhote guingilly interior


These two routes depend on Chambre D'Hotes which have between 3 and 5 rooms. Inevitably for a route to work every stop has to have room for you. For this reason availability is more limited and early booking is advised. However if you don't mind we can always substitute one of our small hotels for nights when one of the Chambre D'Hotes is full – it's not a great hardship;-)

Most of all these two routes give a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Brittany – you've come a long way to taste a foreign land so why not go the whole way...