A little luxury in the Heart of Brittany - 750€ per person.

Small hotel in central Brittany - FranceSince Breton Bikes started we've built up a relationship with around 50 little hotels and B&B's in Brittany and produced detailed cycling routes to link them - these places are friendly, personal and give a real taste (in every sense) of Brittany - more importantly they like, and value our guests so you will be sure of a warm welcome... The hotels we use are not the large impersonal "chain" type, but small family run establishments ranging from three rooms to thirty. They are obviously very varied, and no we can't say they all have 2-stars or 3-stars (some do), or this certificate or that award, in truth the various 'labels' offer little guide to what a hotel is like (I've seen horrid 3-star hotels!). But they all provide at the very least simple, but good accommodation and a friendly welcome. They also supply some rather good food...

Available Hotel Based Cycling Routes

Of late we've increasingly turned to Chambres D'Hotes to add flexibility to our routes, these are literally B&B's but the standards are superb with en-suite facilities and always in beautiful buildings. In fact we've come to regard them as better than many hotels regardless of how many stars they have! To give you some idea, on one route you stay first in a 14c hotel converted from stables of a ruined abbaye (stunning location). Next day is in at a farm in the middle of nowhere, where the farmer's wife will cook you a huge meal fit for cyclist. Next day is in a modern, but family run hotel set right on the banks of the canal, Then off to a converted doctors townhouse in a Napoleonic town full of wood panelling and run by two sisters and thence to a 15c coaching inn then lastly to another Chambre D'Hote in the middle of nowhere, where the host is a retired chef from the Cantal who believes strongly in the positive effect of cholesterol... This is a typical mix... The fact that so many of these places have as few as three rooms means that we also have to have several alternatives for some routes, but in every case they are just as good - otherwise we wouldn't use them.Huelgoat hotel

In order for us to book these hotels you need to decide on which route you want well before you come, though not necessarily when you book. The full list of hotel routes is on the "Hotel Routes" page.

Something rather different

All our first and last stops on the routes are within an hour or so's ride from Gouarec. However it may well be that your travel arrangement make that difficult and so we have a rather special alternative actually based on our own campsite, and that is one of our beautiful Shepherd's huts. No shepherd ever slept in something like this;-) As well as the convenience it does make for a very lovely stop and there are no extra costs involved.

What's included?

First you have to get to our base in Gouarec but once there you are in our hands. You obviously get all the equipment routes, accommodation and back-up of all our holidays. As for food the price includes a continental breakfast in each hotel - i.e. coffee, hot chocolate or tea plus croissants, bread and jam (the best bit...). Otherwise you are free to eat where and when you like. Why do we do it like that? Well let's say you've cycled a morning and come across a lovely little restaurant at midday which gives you a 4-course meal including wine for 14-18 Euro (you'll pass places like this every day). Now there is no way you'll be able to eat another 4-course meal that evening! With any other cycling holiday company you will have such a meal waiting for you that evening- and you'll have paid for it whether you like it or not... Or say you arrive at your hotel and two doors down is the most gorgeous little creperie and you would much rather eat there. Well with anyone else you can't, because you've already paid for another 4-course meal at your hotel... You get the idea. Of course at every stop there is somewhere that will do you an evening meal - usually several and with a couple of exceptions you can eat at the hotel itself. When we use Chambre D'Hotes instead of hotels we only choose those that can offer an evening meal. In our experience these are stunning value - better than most restaurants and frequently cooked using produce from the owners garden or farm.binic hotel

This is important when comparing our prices with other cycletour companies. If you add about £160/200 euro to our prices you will have a reasonable basis for comparison with companies offering evening meals - this allowing for a 30 euro meal a night i.e. far from the lowest price on a menu. In fact you could easily have a three course meal every night and spend no more than 150 Euro and those basic menus are often the most authentic and the best value all round...Pontivy hotel

French hotels are booked by the room rather than per person, and prices are based on two people sharing - singles or 'odd people' have to pay a single person suppliments. We hate doing this, but as the cost to us is double that of someone sharing we are passing on only a fraction of the cost.