josselinA wriggle down the 'Rigole';-) - This is yet another way to explore East of us along cyclepaths – ludicrously easy, beautiful, quiet and lots to see;-) Max 18 miles average 12 miles.



Day 1 – A gentle wobble to Mellionnec – 8 km.

That says it all really... A very gentle introduction to the week... You just get onto the canal towpath and ride 8 km to a little B&B lost in the countryside. Food? The owner is a retired chef - you'll eat like kings.... A very gentle way to start.

slidebon repos

Day 2 – Stay put

If you arrive on a Saturday then you'll now catch the Sunday market at Bon Repos where you can stock up on a lovely picnic, but even if not there's lots to see and you can spend the day exploring the area nd generally finding your feet after your travels to et to us.

slide kate bonrepos

Day 3 – Mellionnec to St Caradec – 32 km

Today you get onto the V6 cyclepath which follows the canal, then the bed of the old narrow-gauge railway taking you above the Lac de Guerledan and then to Mur de Bretagne (good stop for lunch). Then it's back on the path all the way to a farm just outside St Caradec where most of what you eat has been produced by the farm.

slidetowpath trees

Day 4 – To Rohan via the Rigole – 25 amazing km

The Rigole (see link) is an amazing construction. When the Nantes-Brest canal was built it needed water to be brought from the hills to the north to feed the locks. The Rigole is a man-made ditch that runs very gently downhill to the canal. Because it follows the contours of the land it wriggles about a lot but it has a cyclepath running along it almost all the way so only the last few km are on a quiet, downhill road. You then take the canal towpath into the little town of Rohan and a beautiful B&B right by the canal.


Day 5 – Day off!

By know you will have got into your stride so a little challenge. If you feel up to it you can now ride all the way to the Medieval town of Josselin and visit its magnificent chateau. Now it's 25 km each way, but well within reach as it's all flat and lunch at Josselin beckons. But if you don't fancy it you can just be lazy, potter about or just sit by the canal and feed the ducks – up to you;-)

josselin chateau cyclists

Day 6 – Rohan to Pontivy – 25 km

No chance of getting lost today as the canal towpath takes you all the way into the centre of the bustling Napoleonic town of Pontivy with it's shops and hulking (as opposed to pretty) chateau. You stay at a little hotel we''ve used for 20 years, run by sisters and an absolute delight...

pontivy castle

Day 7 – Pontivy to Caurel – 26 km

I'll not lie to you. Half way through today you have to climb up from the canal onto the old railway track. It's only 200m or so but you'll probably push. It's OK no-one will see you... Otherwise another gentle day first all on the canal to Mur-de-Bretagne and then back onto the railway line to a little B&B at caurel – just above the lake.

Day 8 – a gentle 10km ride almost entirely downhill back to base;-)