The Beach at Binic – Chambre D'Hote Route

BB cycling holidaysA gentle cycle to the beautiful North coast of Brittany - max 31 kms, a few hills but well worth the (small) effort! Also available as a Cycle-camping route

This route is similar to the 'Binic and Back' hotel route, but run the other way round and of course using only Chambre D'Hotes with the exception of the tiny hotel Neptune at Binic. The turning point is of course Binic, but there's a lot more to the route than than with walled towns, chateau, market towns, sleepy villages and as always that amazing quiet and varied countryside. Most of the route is on roads, but it's generally only on very quiet country lanes and so perfect for relaxed cycling. The days are short giving time for sightseeing and for taking it easy. The terrain is mixed with a few hills, but the short distances and our low gears really make it a fairly leisurely introduction to cycletouring.

Day -1 Gouarec to Caurel – 12 kms.

Your first afternoon is short, starting on the canal towpath and then tiny lanes to the Chambre D'Hote in the old Presbytery at Perret. The owners have the most fabulous garden and most of what you eat will have come from it.

Day 2 – Caurel to Bizoin – 31 kms

A short day, but a lot to see and do so it'll take all day. A small detour takes you down to to the ruined Abbay at Bon Repos, as well as the abbey there are a couple of bars and restaurants. Then a few hundred metres of road and you can walk up to the covered tombs at 'Liscuis' – 4000 years old and set at the top of the ridge – well worth the effort. Nearby is also the chateau and museum at 'Forges des Salles' an ancient ironworks now restored and open to the public.

The reason to visit Bon Repos has a Sunday morning market that is a great spot to buy a picnic – and the ride there is all down-hill and fast. .

Climbing back up from Bon Repos you soon pass through the pretty villages of Laniscat, St Mayeax and Merleac befor coming to the farm at Bizoin. This is an active farm and once again much of what you have to eat is 'home grown'.

Day 3 – Bizoin to Quintin

Today a ride through beautiful countryside to the walled and historic town of Quintin and a quite extraordinary Chambre D'Hote – hard to describe but there is a real feel of Louis XIV Chateaux about the interior and a Redwood in the garden (go and touch it – you'll be surprised;-). This is the one Chambre D'Hote that doesn't provide an evening meal, but as you are a sort distance from the centre of the town you have plenty of choice.

Day 4 - Quintin to Binic

Much of today's ride is downhill as you swoop down to the coast at Binic. Binic is the most gorgeous little port – a row of bars and restaurants along the quay and the Chambre D'Hote is right in the village - it doesn't do an evening meal but there are masses of places to choose from. The beach is huge and very quiet and not only do the rockpools teem with life but you can also take a bottle of Muscadet down to the rocks and eat Oysters straight out of the sea;-) A magical spot.

Day 5 – Binic again

If you don't fancy a ride, or lazing on the beach the coastal footpath runs right past the Chambre D'Hote and you can walk happily for miles along it and then – tides allowing – walk all the way back along the sand.

Day 6 – Binic to Chatelaudren – 26 kms

A short day, but it's market day in Binic and a fine market it is too so we don't expect you to be starting too early... but most importantly you cycle to a wonderful Chambre D'Hotes in the town - a very special place;-)

Day 7 - Chalelaudren to St Nicolas du Pelem – 38 kms

The longest day, but in this case there are fewer stops – just the pleasure of riding through the Breton countryside. 'Lost in France' on roads that have more tractors than cars. The morning ends with a stop at Corlay with it's old wall-and-keep and a couple of lunchtime restaurants, bars, bakers and a supermarket to give you the calories for the rest of the ride down to the Chambre D'Hote at Caurel. This overlooks the Lac de Guerledan (which is 1 km away with its beach and bars) and used to be a small hotel. Now converted to a Chambre D'Hote it's in reality a tiny bar/restaurant/creperie - family owned and welcoming..

Day 8 – St Niclolas du Pelem -  to Gouarec – 12 Kms

A very easy ride almost all downhill to Goaurec – first on the V6 cyclepath and then the canal towpath. It gives a nice stop at Bon Repos on the way for coffee and to see the things you missed last time...