Josselin chateaux(Average 17, longest 28 miles - very easy to begin with and pretty easy thereafter) Very quiet roads and cyclepath.) Also available as a camping based cycling holiday - see also extended version below.

A very easy route on near deserted roads and cycle path and yet one that has decent distances - you get to stay the two nights just outside Josselin. The following day you then have to ride just over 40 kms, all on the canal towpath, to Pontivy.

Though this isn't one of the shortest routes it is one of the easiest - with over half the distance being on the canal towpath and old railway track/cyclepath. Where it does use roads it is very quiet and the only days with anything that could be called hills are the last two (when you should be more ready for it) and both pretty short. This makes it a perfect route for people looking for quiet easy cycling or for those with teenage children on their own bikes - who you don't trust...


EXTENDED VERSION  - This route can be extended very simply to take in a longer section of the Blavet, This extension can be done either by adding a day to make an 8 night/9 day ride, or by changing the two-night stop at Josselin for a one night stop (which still leaves an afternoon to explore Josselin).

Arrival on Saturday

Day 1 – A gentle wobble to Mellionnec – 8 km.

That says it all really... A very gentle introduction to the week... You just get onto the canal towpath and ride 8 km to a little B&B lost in the countryside. Food? The owner is a retired chef - you'll eat like kings.... A very gentle way to start.

Day 2. - 30 kms

After 8 km to Bon Repos which has a Sunday morning market where you can buy your picnic then almost all off road as you follow first the Canal then the old railway track to the village of Mur-de-Bretagne, then on to the village of St Caradec and your first 'Chambre D'Hotes' where you will be well fed and watered:-)

Day 3. - 45 kms

Today all on country lanes and tow path as you wind your way though the countryside to the large village of Rohan and then on to two nights just outside Josselin itself at this hotel.

Day 4. 10 kms?

In theory the shortest day, but not compulsory as you can always explore well beyond Josselin if you wish. However Josselin is a wonderful little town and the cathedral sized church and chateaux, packed tight together on the town square is not to be missed - Josselin is gorgeous.

Day 5. - 45 kms

Today all on the canal towpath again, the first part you'll have done before but it has to be said that routes done in reverse look completely new! The canal takes you right into the centre of Pontivy, a bustling town which because of the short distance you'll have plenty of time to explore. The hotel L'Europe is a big, converted, Napoleonic townhouse with amazing staircases and wooden panelling.

Day 6 - 30 kms

Short so you can linger in Pontivy, followed by 9 kms on the canal towpath and then a few hills on deserted country roads to warm your legs as you come into the tiny village of Melrand. Of all the hotels we use, this is the one that gets the most praise for the evening meal, and it's also one of the cheapest...

Day 7 - 32 kms

A very pretty ride though the large village of Guemene and then to a lovely little Chambre D'Hotes/creperie again lost in the countryside set right on the canal

Day 8 - 12 kms

A very gentle, and mostly downhill wobble along the canal back to Gouarec and our base.