BINIC AND BACK hotel based route

Binic harbour (Average 16 miles, longest day 24 miles) Probably the easiest way to get to the coast. It's not flat but rather gentle hills to help you burn off at least some calories (you won’t lose weight...).

Binic is the most beautiful little tourist trap, and where we take out own children to the beach. The beach is lovely, the fishing village clusters around more like a Cornish village than one in France and there's a row of bars and restaurants all along the quayside. A lovely family atmostphere. The days are short so lots of time to sightsee as you pass through medieval market towns, past walled citidels and generally get 'lost in France'...

For a more detailed google map where you can zoom in and out and see a satellite picture and photos of the area please follow this link to the original of the map here. Please note because of the limitations of the Google Maps the route may not be exactly as shown.

Day 1 - This the Saturday so very short (4 kms) as you may well arrive with us late

A gentle ride to the hotel at Bon Repos - Good food and a warm welcome and a stunning setting.

Day 2 - 38 kms and by some distance the longest day. But less than 25 miles so you arrive much more quickly than you expect

But most importantly you cycle to a wonderful Chambre D'Hotes where not only will you get one of the meals of the week, but for a small fee be able to soak your careworn body in their hot-tub and sauna;-)

Day 3 - 17 kms The destination is the gorgeous little tourist trap of Binic, the hotel overlooks the marina, the beach awaits and it's our favourite coastal village in France. As it's nearly all downhill you'll arrive early and have an extra half day to explore.

Day 4 - well of course you need to enjoy Binic and its delights for a second day. The coastal path runs along the cliff tops and one lovely way to spend the day is to walk along it and then return all along the beach - beautiful

Day 5 - 31 kms - After a day off probably the hardest day of the week as you inevitably have to climb up from the coast, however it's only 30 kms so you could walk it in 5 hours, no need to panic then:-) The upside is that the cycling is through beautiful French countryside and the reward is the town of Quintin with its walled citadel and a Chambre D'hote that has to be seen to be believed...

Day 6 - Another 22 kms wandering through the countryside and passing sleepy little villages (and restaurants). However we'd advise a very light lunch as your Chambre D'Hote is a farm where the lady of the house will produce a huge meal...

Day 7 - 30 kms. Now the return to base mostly on the old railway track (the narrow guage that ran through much of France) that skirts the Lac de Guerledan - a lovely way to end the holiday and a last night at a tiny B&B near Caurel 3 kms from the lake.