Pontivy castle( Average 35 miles, max 45) - This is an extended 'Carnac or Bust' route which takes you further East after Carnac to take in the Chateaux at Josselin.

Although billed as 'long' that's only compared to the alternative Carnac + Josselin route. This covers quite a bit more ground than the Carnac route - allowing you to ride right up to Pontivy and then on to Josselin to see one of the more spectacular Chateaux in France and the medieval heart of the town. Adding this to the pre Christian history of Brittany around Carnac gives plenty to see for any history buff as well as some gorgeous scenery and stunning beaches.

Route plan.

First night (Saturday) - 10 kms

A night spent at a wonderful little Chambre D'Hote set in the middle of the countryside. The owner used to be the chef at a top hotel in the Cantal and has moved to Brittany to run this place in semi-retirement. So for tonight do not expect to lose weight...

Day 1 (Sunday)- 80 kms

This is probably your longest day, but there's lots to see, and remember you get a day off tomorrow... An easy ride down to the little village of Melrand with it's 13c coaching inn and the pretty centre with it's lake and picnic area. Then you begin to leave the small fields and forests of central Brittany and start to enter more open countryside as you approach the coast. You'll pass through little villages and eventually reach the small town of Erdeven, just 1 km from the most gorgous beach

Day 2 - 0 kms

A day off to explore the surrounding area - The standing stones at Carnac, the sweeping sand of the beach, topped by the wreaked remains of Rommel's 'Fortress Europe', and the market at Etel. Too much to do...

Day 3 - 65 kms

A climb away from the coast, soon you are once again in quiet countryside miles from the nearest tourist site - small villages, open countryside, tiny lanes - all bring you to the bustling little town of Baud as an ideal lunch stop. Then onwards into the Napoleonic town of Pontivy with it's massive hulking Chateaux - no fair castly this! It's a lovely town worth exploring before you choose a place for dinner...

Day 4 - 50 kms

Once again lost in the countryside of Brittany, but this time you sped the whole day on the canal towpath to bring you to the medieval town of Josselin with its spectacular chateau. The hotel is just 3 kms from the town - a modern and quite large place, but family owned and very welcoming - and of course set right by the canal so the ride to and from Josselin is just a very lazy wobble...

Day 5 - 0 kms

You've earned a day off to explore Josselin and the surrounding area - the canal towpath east of Josselin is as stunning as any in France and there are, as you'd imagine, a mass of museums in the area.

Day 6 - 35 kms

Starting off by following the canal towpath you then strike off through the countryside to the village of St Caradec and then after a couple of kms you reach a farm where you will stay, and be pampered deep in the heart of the countryside again.

Day 7 (Saturday) - 18kms

A quick dash down the railway path (the old narrow guage that covered much of rural france) and then canal tow-path for a couple of hours or so to bring you back to base.