St Nicolas bridgeMost customers choose to combine two one-week tours to make up their fortnight riding - so that they can strike off in totally different directions.

But for those wanting to have an easy two weeks the route below is very gentle and a lovely way to meander through Brittany;-)

TWO CHATEAUX AND CARNAC (Average 20 miles, longest 28 miles, generally easy) - see guide here

Combining the best of the 'Two Chateaux routes' and the 'Carnac or Bust' route this gives you plenty of time on the coast and the advantage of a great deal of the distance being on the canal towpath.

Although this route is available as a one week cycle trip, it does involve longer days and considerably less time to laze about:-) Doing it this way cuts down the longer days, but more importantly gives you whole days off in Erdeven (near Carnac - the biggest megalithic monument in France), Pontivy and Josselin - all three having far more to see than can be taken in in an afternoon - allowing you to explore the hulking castle and Napoleonic centre of Pontivy and then on to Josselin to see one of the more spectacular Chateaux in France and the medieval heart of the town. Adding this to the pre Christian history of Brittany around Carnac gives plenty to see for any history buff as well as some gorgeous scenery and stunning beaches.

Route plan.

First night (Saturday) - 10 kms

A night spent at a wonderful little Chambre D'Hote set in the middle of the countryside. The owner used to be the chef at a top hotel in the Cantal and has moved to Brittany to run this place in semi-retirement. So for tonight do not expect to lose weight...

Day 1 (Sunday)- 15 kms

A very easy ride to the little market town of Guemene-sur-Scorf. The route follows the blavet river valley and with such a short distance gives you chance to explore this historic town - it's medieval town gate and the hotel with it's art gallery and warm welcome.

Day 2 - 15 kms

Another easy ride, just a couple of hours to take you to the village of Melrand where you stay in the little 14c coaching inn 'La Tourelle'. The extra time will let you visit the preserved medieval farm museum nearby, or laze by the lake and picnic area.

Day 3 - 45 kms

This is the hardest day of the fortnight, but the terrain gets steadily easier as you go towards the coast and there is the consolation of not one, but two nights off at the coast. You really need all this time because otherwise how can you possibly do justice to the biggest megalithic monument in Europe at Carnac, some of the finest beaches you'll ever see, and the fishing village of Etal. There's even time for the adventurous to take a ride down the Quiberon peninsula and onto Belle Ile, one of the jewels of the Gulf du Morbihan.

Day 4 and 5

2 days off to explore the surrounding area, though you may find yourself cycling further than the other days, just too much to do...

Day 6 - 32 kms

A climb away from the coast, soon you are once again in quiet countryside miles from the nearest tourist site - small villages, open countryside, tiny lanes - all bring you to the bustling little town of Baud to your stone built hotel in the centre...

Day 7 - 25 kms

More meanderings to take you to the larger town of Pontivy, but the last couple of kms are on the canal towpath which takes you right into the heart of the town avoiding all traffic. In fact though it's a longer ride (40kms) it is actually possible to ride almost all the way from Baud to Pontivy on the canal towpath and we'll show you how to do this (it's what I'd do...). If you do this then St Nicolas des Eaux is a lovely stop for midday...

Day 8 - 0 kms

Another day off and a chance to discover Pontivy's secrets. It's a lovely and very French town, the chateaux is a monster dominating the eastern end, and the shopping centre well worth wandering round...

Day 9 - 35 or 50 kms

This could be the longest day of the fortnight, that's if you choose to do the whole ride on the canal towpath (which meanders a bit). Obviously it's pretty flat, and so easy to do especially with a lunch stop at Rohan, but if that is too long for you it is only 35 kms by road...

Day 10 - 0 kms
A day off to explore medieval town of Josselin with its spectacular chateau. Also the canal towpath east of Josselin is stunning and there are you'd imagine a mass of museums in the area. The hotel is just 3 kms from the town - a modern and quite large place, but family owned and very welcoming - and of course set right by the canal so the ride to and from Josselin is just a very lazy wobble...

Day 11 - 20 kms

You start the day by retracing your steps along the canal to Rohan, then strike off into tiny lanes again to take you to the large village of St Caradec. Then you cycle just 2 kms outside the village and stay at a wonderful Chambre D'Hote where the farmers wife will cook you a cyclist sized meal...

Day 12 - 15 kms

Another gentle day, in fact little more than an hours ride. Just as well as not only will that give you time to look round the town of Mur de Bretagne, but also to cycle down to the shores of the Lac de Guerledan with it's beach and seaside feel. The hotel at Corlay has a good restaurant, though it's difficult as the restaurant opposite is excellent as well:-)
Day 13 - 10kms

A quick dash down the railway path and then canal tow-path for a couple of hours to bring you back to Bon Repos where you can spend the afternoon walking to the some of the finest Megalithic tonbs in France, or the Industrial museum of le Forges des Salles.

Day 14 - 5kms.

Just a gentle ride down the canal towpath to our base.