I've always wanted to use that phrase:-)


1 - At Breton Bikes we aim to give you the sort of holiday we love ourselves. What we like in terms of equipment, routes, countryside etc is what give you, if your taste in holidays is like ours you will have a great time. We live in France all year and want you to fall in love with the country as we have.

2 - We are acutely aware of the responsibility we have to ensure you have a good time. We don't take the attitude that someone has "only paid £150 so what do they expect". We realise that for many people this will be their only holiday of the year, that they have looked forward and saved for it, and that the costs to us may be only a fraction of the total costs incurred in coming on holiday. Someone coming from New Zealand for example may have paid ten times what they pay to us in order to have this holiday. That means we have to do everything we can to make it good.

3 - We don't employ anyone beyond our family - no bored student on a holiday job is going to be dealing with a problem. The buck starts and stops with us. Likewise when you email or phone you are talking to people who know exactly what the business is about and who cycletour regularly themselves. We know all the problems that are likely to occur and hopefully how to deal with them

4 - When we set up Breton Bikes our aim wasn't just to make a living, we could have stuck at teaching... It was also to pass on our love for cycletouring in the hope that for many people it would be the beginning of many such holidays either with us or independently. This is one reason why we always offer free advice to cycletourists who contact us - we love this sport and want others to do the same.