Cycling holiday prices in Sterling

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) - If you look at our cancellation terms at the bottom of this page you will see that you have no  worries.

Here you will find our prices in Sterling - based on an exchange rate of approximately 1.15 Euro to the Pound. We guarentee that there will be no surcharges regardless of changes in the exchange rate (and are the only company to do so). .



If you send an email or call us to confirm a booking we will hold your places for a week pending the arrival of your deposit. The Deposit is £75 per adult, and £50 for under 18's. Payment can be in the form of Cheque, bank transfer or card payment via the Paypal system - please email for details.

For hotel holidays ONLY please add £145 per person for any in your party who will be in a single room.


  One week Camping  Two weeks Camping  One week Hotels  Two weeks Hotels  One week Gites 
'Fixed centre' weeks up to 5/5/23  + October 2023 onwards Not available  Not available  Gite only Gite only  See Gites
Adults - Weeks beginning From 5th May July to 30th Sept £245  £415 £590  £1065  £340 
17-10 year olds  £190 £340  £470  £775  £230 
9 - 4 year olds  £105  £200  £355 £590  £135 
3 and under  £70  £110  £220  £330  £95 

What do you get for your money...

CAMPING - The prices include all hire, maps routes and full backup. If you are camping we do NOT pay campsite fees (except for 'Fixed-Centre') as if these were pre-paid you would be forced to follow the route exactly, and so lose much of the flexibility of the cyclecamping option. The cost of campsites varies between 5 and 10 Euro per adult per night, but if you budget for 75 Euro per adult per week you won't be far off.

HOTELS - Include all hire, routes, maps, back-up etc and based on Bed and Breakfast accommodation and assuming everyone will be sharing a double room* with others in your family/group. We don't include evening meals because if we did it would lose you the flexibility of eating where and when you wanted, but all hotels will provide an evening meal (or there's a nearby restaurant) for around 20€ if you do wish to eat in. This is important when comparing our prices with other cycletour companies in France. If you add about 200 Euro to our prices you will have a reasonable basis for comparison with companies offering evening meals (but inevitably inferior bikes)- this allowing for a 25 Euro meal a night i.e. far from the lowest price on a menu...

ELECTRIC BIKES - We have some very good quality electric bikes in the fleet - these can be booked as normal but you must add £75 per week for the hire.

Are you hooked yet? If so you need to know the gory details of booking and have a look at what happens when you arrive to prepare yourself... Also it is essential that you have a look at our FAQ page which makes many important things clear, that otherwise might be buried in the website.

Once you are ready to book you are welcome just confirm by email and we will send you a booking form to fill in or use the form here -  (it's NOT interractive - you need to physically cut-and-paste) and paste it into an email. Also we fully expect everyone to E-mail us for help and advice before booking, we really prefer to have such contact so we can make sure we supply the best holiday for your needs.

Normally holidays run from Saturday to Saturday, giving you a full weeks/fortnights cycling (7 nights - 8 days) and the routes are written on that basis - so for example you will hit a market on a certain day. However for 2022 we have as an option for booking from any day, which may reduce the cost of ferries/flights etc, out of the school holiday weeks we can extend this flexibility to other days f you prefer.
Once you have decided to come, you just need to fill in the form below, and send it along with a non-returnable deposit of £75 per adult and £50 for children under 18 in the form of a cheque made out to Breton Bikes, direct bank transfer to our UK account or card via the Paypal system.

We'll then send you confirmation and a load of bumph telling how to survive the holiday, what to bring etc. Six weeks before you are due to arrive you have to send us the balance of the cost.

As for our booking page not being an interactive form, this is a deliberate choice on our part. With such a page it is all too easy for people to book a holiday and pay for it without really considering what is best for them. We actually encourage you to get in contact and ask questions before you book.

Cancellations and Holiday Insurance

Our cancellation conditions are the most generous in the business. If you have to cancel we keep the deposit BUT it can be held over for any holiday in the future - so it is not lost. Only if you cancel less than 28 days before the date of your holiday is the full cost forfeit but we are happy to supply an invoice for your cancellation insurance, something we strongly recommend. Holiday insurance covering your stay in France is essential for your (and our) peace of mind - see 'Insurance'. If your holiday insurance refuses to cover for you we have a special policy whereby though you do not get back your payment it is not lost to you and you can therefore use it to come later in that, or following years - we really don't want to lose you...