Because you never know...

It is essential you purchase travel insurance before your cycle tour in France to cover you financially for any possible eventuality including cancellation. Please note that you do not need insurance for any of our equipment - that is all included.


Many people assume cycle tours are covered in a basic travel insurance policy, however, this is not always the case. While cycling is a low risk activity if you are suitably fit, insurance providers may charge a slightly higher premium to cover a cycling tour due to the increased risk of injury. Therefore you should always read a travel insurance provider's "policy wording" in order to find out whether you need to pay a higher premium to cover your cycling tour and also make sure this also covers cancellation. You should be able to find travel insurance provider's policy wording on the company's website.

If an insurance provider charges a slightly higher premium in order to cover a cycling tour it is worth paying that little bit extra. This will mean you are definitely covered should you have an accident while cycling.

If you are from the UK you should bring your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) with you to France. This card entitles you to the same medical care as French nationals. However, it is no replacement for travel insurance as it does not cover all of your medical expenses such as non-emergency treatment or repatriation home.

If you are not a UK citizen and you do not own an EHIC then you will need comprehensive travel insurance which covers all emergency medical expenses.

You will also need to make sure you are covered for any other unexpected costs such as your (not our:-) cycling equipment, cancelation or curtailment of flights, extra accommodation costs, baggage and lost or stolen possessions.

If you shop around you should be able to find a reasonably cheap insurance policy with comprehensive cover for your cycling tour and there are several sites that will help like Gocompare . Buying travel insurance provides you with peace of mind and means you can thoroughly enjoy your Breton Bikes holiday knowing you are covered for any unexpected eventualities.