The Easy Route to Cycling in France

In the last 5 years there has been a revolution in cycling, and that is the widespread use of E-Bikes, and with that in mind we've added E-Bikes into our cycling holiday fleet.


As with all our equipment we've carefully chosen the E-Bikes we use to be the sort we would use ourselves if we were cycle touring in France, so that means rather than the suspension-loaded, beefy, almost E-motorbike type we've chosen the lightest and easiest to ride we can find.

 Ridgeback E Bike

We think that any E-Bikes should be light enough to be a nice bike to ride even without the motor, and so our fleet is made up of Ridgeback 'Electron' cycles. These use the Shimano 'Steps' system which though not the most powerful is much lighter than most and more than capable of getting you up hills with ease. Coupled with lightweight, step-through frames without suspension these are great to ride and the responsive E-Bike system means that for much of the time you forget there's a motor gently helping you along - rather you feel like you have 'super-legs!'.


The use of E-Bikes, which have enough range for any of our tours, means that suddenly route choice becomes less a case of 'how far you want to go'? Or how hilly is it'? More - 'where do you want to go'?


The choice of an E-Bike simply adds 90€ to the cost of any holiday per bike – you don't all have to use one and frequently we find that just one or two in a group feel the need for a little assistance.