Family cycling holidays in France

Why are we the best for families? - Special bikes for children - How we cycle toured with our family - Prices

For 28 years Breton Bikes has been THE specialist for family cycling holidays. Our own three children grew up cycle touring with us and this combined with providing thousands of families with great value cycling holidays over the years means that no one is better equipped, or has more experience in making your holiday really special. Time and time again we are told that this was "the best holiday ever" and we've now got to the stage (age!) where people who came as children 25 years ago are bringing their own young family to sample the same adventure - they find little has changed... Come on a holiday the kids will never forget;-)

Family dinner
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Camping girls
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Children ready to cycle tour
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First time on a tandem
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Sleepy people;-)
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All smiles
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Ready to go!
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Who's going to get there first?
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Fixed-centre family holiday
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Two long vehicles...
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Cycle touring in France with children

Why is Breton Bikes uniquely well equipped for families?


Simple - With Breton Bikes we actually want familes with children of all ages and do everything we can to encourage this because we believe a cycling holiday in France is as good as it gets. We have several routes that use almost exclusively cyclepaths being both easy and car-free let you relax...

How does this show? Well some companies claim to be family friendly, but really only want teenagers or at best school aged children. We have gear for all ages and our youngest to date was 3-months old.  For adults our bikes have gearing low enough for you to pull them. Our trailerbikes are the most expensive and best (Burley Piccalos). We have special child-back tandems for 6-10 year olds so they can keep up with parents and specially custom-made 'adult' bikes that go down small enough for an 8 year-old with a top quality range of children's bikes for smaller children.  We are unique in offering cycle camping holidays in France where children have acres of grass to run around on. Our hotels are chosen to be child friendly, and frequently set in countryside where children have space to explore away from roads and we  We offer routes specifically designed for under 10's on their own bikes and if you are doing one of our fixed-centre routes, then even better - the children can swap from tandem, to their own bike and back again depending on the day-ride they are doing and all at no extra cost (and also borrow our canoes).

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Cycles for Children

Never Second best...


Our Special Children's Bikes - As with all our equipment we try to give you the very same quality of gear as we've used ourselves. One of the most challenging parts of this is in the area of children's bikes.

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Family Cycling - How we did it...

A day of family cyclecamping.

kids cycling holiday trailer

What follows is a short article based on just one day of one of our own cycle camping tours, just Kate and I and three under 5's... I hope it gives some idea of what family cycling is about and why we love it so much and want to share the experience. Please note - because we can't take our holidays at sane times this was done in April - so the freezing cold described won't apply to you...


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