cycle tourists!Always remember that a two week tour can of course be made by combining any two of the one week camping tours, the advantage being that you pick up a ‘slack’ day when you would otherwise be changing over and this is the option most choose to do.


One of the joys of cycle camping is that campsites - unlike hotels - are not pre-booked and so our customers can really modify and make up routes as they go with our guidance. Many people book two weeks, but only choose the first route and then decide on the second after they have found their feet and often choose something rather more ambitious than they would have done otherwise. However the routes below don't bring you back to Gouarec mid-fortnight and so have the advantage of a wider spread - it's all up to you;-)

SOUTH TO THE SEA (Average mileage 12 miles, maximum 20 miles - easy)

This is for the lazies amongst you! A very leisurely meander down through the countryside to the south coast with plenty of opportunity to sunbathe, laze around or even extend your mileage by exploring unladen after you have reached the coast. Definitely not for those expecting to be leaner and fitter at the end of the fortnight.

A TALE OF TWO ISLANDS (Average mileage 23 mpd maximum 30 miles - fairly easy, more difficult end)

Another very special route, following the "Island of Adventure" down to Lorient and to the Ile de Groix, but then east along the south coast to Carnac, then along the Quiberon peninsula to catch the ferry to Belle Ile, that other jewel of the south Brittany coast, larger, busier, but just as beautiful with quite stunning beaches. With a couple of days to explore you then return via the Blavet river valley.

A CHATEAU, A MEGALITH AND THE PINK GRANITE COAST (Average mileage 35 mpd maximum 45 miles - moderate difficulty)

With two weeks and such a high daily mileage you can really explore Brittany, over 500 miles in all. First you strike off south to the standing stones at Carnac and the south coast. Then back up heading north-west to the Medieval town of Josselin, which boasts the finest chateau in Brittany. Then further north to meet and then follow the famous Pink Granite Coast with its quiet beaches and towering cliffs. You return via the Monts D’Arree through forests and gorges.